How Will The Cleaners Enter My Home On The Day Of Service?

How Do Cleaners Enter my Home to Clean it?

We provide residential cleaning services and commercial cleaning services to over 275 clients in the Charlotte, NC area. The vast majority of our clients are not present when the cleaners clean. There are four main ways the cleaners can gain access to your home or office.

  1. The client gives us a key. About 70 of our clients have given us a key to their home. Each key is tagged with a unique identification number and is stored in a locked safe inside The Organic Maids office. Only the managers and the owner have the master list indicating which key belongs to which client. The key is given to the cleaners during the morning of the service day and is returned at the end of the day to the lockbox. Please note that the key is only marked with a unique identification number and is never marked with a client’s name or address.
  2. The client gives us a code to the garage door or another door. In many cases, our clients have a keypad that opens the garage door or another door in the house or office. When feasible, this is our preferred method of entering a home.
  3. The client leaves a key under the mat or somewhere else. In many cases, the client will leave a key under a mat or somewhere else for the cleaners to find. This has a couple of disadvantages. First, clients sometimes forget to leave the key, in which case the cleaners are locked out. Second, leaving a key outside your home is a security risk for you.
  4. The client leaves the door open. Many clients will also leave their door, either the front door or back door open for the cleaners to enter. We also do not prefer this method because it does leave your home unsecured for the time the cleaners are not in your home.

At The Organic Maids, we strive to be amongst the best cleaning companies in Charlotte. We take the security of your home or office very seriously and only hire the most trustworthy employees. Please read our section on how we hire employees for more information. We are also fully insured (see our section on insurance). If you need Maids Charlotte, you need The Organic Maids doing your cleaning.