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The Organic Maids is proud to offer the most professional cleaning experience in and around Charlotte..


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Pristine Cleaning

Where perfection meets affordability.

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The Ultimate Deep Cleaning Experience

A truly ultimate cleaning experience.

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Great for real estate agents and new home owners.

Residential Maid Services

Let us help you clean up your to-do list for you so that you can spend more time doing whatever it is that you enjoy. Spending time doing the things you love is important to living a happy life, and The Organic Maids is proud to provide house cleaning services that free you to do more of the things you want to, not struggling through doing the things that you don’t.

Whether you need us to clean your home once a month, every other week, or even twice a week, we’ll make sure it’s looking perfect when you get home. You’ll walk into a pristine environment with a heavenly scent. We understand it can be hard to trust someone new to come into your home and clean it, but we will work hard to make sure you are happy with our services.

We also offer disinfection services, office cleaning, and much more! The Organic Maids can handle all of your cleaning needs across the board

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Need more reasons to choose us for all of your home cleaning needs? Check out our list below:

  • We inspect each cleaning job using an 83-point checklist to ensure perfection.
  • We have the best employee retention in the industry and offer the most consistency in cleaning staff of anyone around.
  • We arrive on time and stay as long as needed to clean your home to our own high standards of perfection.
  • We hire only professional cleaners that pass a thorough background check and speak English well.
  • We love pets and treat them with the love and respect they deserve.
  • We handle your possessions carefully and gently.
  • We carry full liability and workers’ compensation insurance and are fully bonded and licensed.
  • We work around your schedule to get your home cleaned when it’s most convenient to you.

House Cleaning Services

We only hire individuals that have a burning desire to not only clean to the highest standards, but to learn and improve their professional and personal circumstances. See our Mission

We offer some of the most comprehensive house cleaning Charlotte NC and strive to impress you during each and every visit.

Our Charlotte maids will leave your home with a floral fragrance through the use of essential oils and organic room fresheners, no harsh chemical smells or odors. Instead of walking in to an eye burning bleach smell, you’ll be able to truly enjoy the smell and feeling of your freshly cleaned home. 

Apartment Cleaning Services

Most people that live in apartments have full-time jobs, and they can’t afford to miss time cleaning. Other people may feel too tired from work to clean. Whatever camp you’re in, we are here to help with our great housekeepers’ cleaning service. It’s simple. Call us or fill out the contact form below and schedule a free estimate. Also, take this opportunity to tell us what times work for you. The Organic Maids will work around your schedule to ensure you come home to a tidy apartment! 

Cleaning Your House With The Best Products

Our team orders only the best products, and we use them to clean your home. We strive to stay ahead of the competition by using products that will provide a deep clean and leave your home smelling fresh. And the best part is that we use organic cleaning products. Organic may sound broad, but to us, it means they come from natural sources such as plants. Our organic cleaning solutions are also non-toxic, which is essential for your health, your family’s health, and your pets’ health. Natural may make you think about allergies, but we have a good track record of clients with allergies not being bothered and even enjoying the smell our products left in their homes.

Other companies may use toxic chemicals or toxic organic products. You deserve better. You deserve premier service from The Organic Maids. Contact us for more information!


Providing The Level Of Clean You Want

Our housekeepers offer different levels of cleaning. Some clients enjoy a simple tidy-up and dusting. With this, we lightly organize your home, remove the trash, wipe down surfaces, and dust. It leaves your home feeling cleaner than before. Some people want more of a deep clean where we target every nook and cranny in the house. The next level is disinfection which is done after sanitizing the home. Disinfecting your home is especially important if you or someone else in the home has recovered from a sickness. Clients love the ultimate cleaning service where we deep clean all rooms, the kitchen, and the bathrooms. Contact us today for excellent housekeeping for the surrounding area of Charlotte NC!

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