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As a resident of Charlotte and a small business owner, I know how difficult and confusing it can be to pick a service provider for your home, work and personal needs.

Each of the service provided below has been used by me (the owner) and/or by clients of The Organic Maids. Each of them has gone above and beyond to ensure a high level of service without a single hitch. We do NOT receive any compensation from these providers. We also periodically spotlight one of these providers in our newsletter.

When contacting any of the providers, make sure that you mention that you heard of them through The Organic Maids as often they have special discounts. I sincerely hope you find this list useful. If you need a service provider but don’t see one listed below, call us anyway. Often, we are just behind in adding providers to the list.

  • Keller Williams - The White Group

    Contact Jay White at (704) 654-0733

    The White Group of Keller Williams in Ballantyne is a phenomenal agency that have helped The Organic Maids clients, my family and me find new homes and investment properties. They work throughout the Carolinas and have deep relationships with other agencies in every state in the country. They provide a wealth of market information, create stunning advertisements for homes being sold and NEVER put any pressure to use them. For those with investment properties, they offer one of the most comprehensive property management services I have ever seen. It is highly worth just having a conversation with them when considering to purchase, sell, invest in or rent a home.

  • Horne Heating and Air

    Contact – Chris Horne at (704) 321-4173


    Serving Charlotte and the surrounding area since 1983, Horne Heating and Air is one best HVAC companies in the area. Simply look them up on Google and you will see their reviews. During the summer of 2018, my air conditioner, that came with the house, completely failed two days before I was to leave on a 3 week trip. I had no hesitation calling Horne and giving them access to my home. They completely installed a new HVAC systems without any issues. Moreover, they are very dedicated to taking the time to do repairs properly and always give information on what needs to be fixed now and what can wait. In addition to heating and air, they also install water heaters and are licensed electricians.

  • DeHaan Painting

    Contact – Nia Danner (980) 224-3191

    The Organic Maids has referred DeHaan Painting to many clients and I have personally used them as well. They give free estimates and will even help with color selection if needed. The are spectacular from the moment that you call them to the moment that they finish. Check out their website to see some of their work. You won’t be disappointed.


As a person who has suffered from chronic back pain for over 10 years, I used to think chiropractors were not helpful at all. Indeed my experience with chiropractors had been so bad that I avoided them for close to 10 years. That all changed when I met two chiropractors in Charlotte. Now if my back flares up (which it rarely does now), I always see either one of these practitioners. Since driving is hard when in pain, I have put both practitioners below to minimize your drive time.

  • Charlotte Natural Healing

    Contact: Dr. Jeremy Hozjan (704) 523-2367

    Dr. Hozjan is not only an phenomenal chiropractor but is an expert in nutrition and nutritional supplements. He has an amazing sense of humor and believes in dealing with your health holistically. His tagline says it all, “If you don’t take time to take care of your health now, you will need to take time to care of your sickness later.” Of course, I also a big fan of his other tagline, “I am not a comedian but I will crack you up!”.

  • Patel Chiropractic and Sports Medicine.

    Contact: Dr. Birav Patel (704) 782-3421

    Simply put, Dr. Patel is amazing at what he does. He takes his time to get to know every aspect of your life and provides a very reassuring atmosphere with excellent bedside manners. More importantly, he helps with mobility and makes the pain go away. I have heard patients in his lobby say, “The man has hands like Jesus!” While that statement is a bit extreme I do believe that Dr. Patel’s techniques do promote healing. Another focal area of Dr. Patel is weight loss. His “no hunger, no medication” approach to weight loss really does work as I can attest!

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