About The Organic Maids & Palash Desai

We are so much more than a cleaning company. We are driven to make a lasting impact to our community.
  • What Drives Us

    Our mission is to create a business that enables its employees, through hard work, superior customer service and dedication, to raise their standard of living and promote generational upward economic mobility.

    We will achieve this by:

    • Paying a living, middle class wage to all our cleaners and staff.
    • Ensuring a safe, energetic, and fun working environment.
    • Providing employees with all the training and tools necessary to be successful at their jobs.

    We believe that by focusing on these three areas, we will be able to provide the best customer experience while providing upward economic mobility to our cleaning professionals. Indeed, it works. Since our inception we have won the Angie’s List Super Service Award each year. This award is only given to the top 5% of all service companies.

    Why is this the case? By paying the best in the industry wages, we are able to not only recruit, but also retain the best staff in the city. This means a better cleaning for you as well as a much more consistent staff in your home. We are also able to provide those cleaning staff members with adequate training so that they perform exceptionally well while servicing your home or office.

    Our employee efficiency and retention rate has been bench-marked as one the best.

  • Our Journey

    The Organic Maids’ owner, Palash Desai, was a 15-year veteran of Silicon Valley. As an executive in Silicon Valley, he created a number of different technologies that are now found in every cell phone and television sold worldwide.

    In 2008, Palash was given an opportunity to spend two years in Africa with his family developing a technology center under a joint program with the US Department of State. As many know, one of the key problems in this region is the disparity between the “haves” and the “have-nots”. The project was to create a technology incubator and manufacturing facility in order to attract top talent from around the world, create high paying jobs and establish a more middle class environment for the country. It was a highly successful project causing a virtuous cycle leading to more companies investing in this country.

    After moving to Charlotte, Palash noticed one very surprising thing. While there was a definite middle class in Charlotte, there was also very little hope for the economically disadvantaged to escape the generational cycle of poverty. It was at this point, Palash made a conscious decision to establish a company with one specific philosophy: purpose driven capitalism. The idea was to create a profitable company that provided not only great service, but also served a greater purpose.

    Each employee, through hard work and dedication earns a middle class living wage leading to better living conditions for themselves and their families (including sending their children to better schools). By becoming a client of The Organic Maids, not only are you subscribing to a service that will provide an exceptional cleaning experience, but you will also be fostering the true American Dream.

    All of us deserve to better our lives through opportunity and hard work. At ​The Organic Maids, we truly strive to embody this.

    Join The Organic Maids team! See our careers.

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