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At The Organic Maids we believe that productivity and healthy work environments go hand in hand.
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  • We are not just exceptional home cleaners…We are outstanding office cleaners as well! We have become Charlotte’s most coveted office cleaning company because of our dedication to hiring exceptional staff members, use of natural products, and unsurpassed commitment to quality service. Give us a call. Your office is going to be cleaner than it ever has been before, and people will notice.

    We are the premier maids Charlotte NC when it comes to residential cleaning services because of our relentless attention to detail. We apply the same expertise when cleaning your office. Your office is going to be cleaner than it ever has been before, and people will notice.

    Read about the benefits of hiring a cleaning service for the office.

    Having meticulously cleaned work areas has both direct and indirect implications including:

    • Making a strong first impression with clients or even job applicants.
    • Promoting a healthier work environment for a healthier workforce.
    • Reinforcing a culture of organization leading to higher productivity.
    • Boosting work productivity at home with a clean house.
  • Commercial Cleaning Service in Charlotte NC

    Whether you run a small office with your handful of employees or a massive office or retail store with hundreds of people coming in and out every day, the importance of a nice tidy space and peaceful workspace can’t be overstated.

    Virtually all of our office/ commercial clients first called us because they are not happy with the cleaning company that were using and wanted to switch to us. We are confident you will want to switch to us, especially in a new year. Why?

    • You will be pleasantly shocked with our unsurpassed dedication in our attention to detail. Most commercial cleaning companies just empty trash, vacuum carpets and quickly clean the kitchen and bathrooms. We take our time to do it right!
    • Your cleanings are scheduled when YOU need them to be done- during the day, during the night or weekends.  We also can clean as frequently or infrequently as you see fit. Most commercial cleaning companies only operate on a fixed schedule.
    • You are not forced to sign any contracts forcing you to a long term commitment. You can cancel service without penalty any time.  Of course, we believe you will love us so much you will not want to cancel service!
    • We are one of only a handful of cleaning companies that are certified in disinfection. Please see our page to learn more about our disinfection services.

    If you need a regular office cleaning for a large space you need to check out our sister company, Commercial Cleaners of Charlotte.  Their commercial cleaning services are just top notch you won’t find anyone better anywhere in the area. Learn more about their commercial cleaning services here.

Kitchen / Kitchenette:

  • Exterior of cabinets and shelves wiped.
  • Exterior and interior of microwave wiped.
  • Exterior of all appliances cleaned.
  • Counter tops and sinks disinfected and washed.


  • Sinks, counter tops, showers and toilets/urinals wiped and disinfected.
  • Fixtures and accessories cleaned and polished.
  • Mirrors wiped streak free.
  • Cabinets, doors and shelves washed free of dirt and hand prints.
  • Toilet roll, paper napkin and soap dispensers restocked.

All Rooms:

  • Trash and recycling emptied and garbage cans relined.
  • Cobwebs removed.
  • Baseboards dusted.
  • Floors vacuumed and mopped.
  • Entryway windows cleaned.
  • Vents dusted.
  • Furniture, lamps, pictures and curios dusted.
  • Doors, walls and handrails disinfected.
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