How do we hire top Charlotte Maids?

How do The Organic Maids ensure they have the best cleaners in Charlotte, NC?

Many new clients are curious to learn more about our employees, who we hire and how we screen them for employment.   At The Organic Maids we take great pride in providing clients with the creme de la creme of employees who not only are great cleaners but have a passion for cleaning.

Our process for hiring, training and retaining employees is very comprehensive and unique to any other maid cleaning company in Charlotte, NC. It all starts with a highly detailed job description in which expectations and qualifications are explicitly outlined. This in of itself filters out many unqualified candidates. Each candidate that responds goes through a 20-minute phone screening process to ensure they have the basic qualifications. These qualifications include:

  • Prior cleaning experience
  • Clean criminal background
  • Ability to work full time
  • Fluency in English, etc.

Candidates that pass the phone screening process are then invited for a face to face interview in which one manager conducts the interview and another observes. This process can take up to an hour during which the interviewer asks a minimum of 20 questions and goes through a number of case scenarios, to see and observe how the candidate responds.  We also evaluate the cleaner’s ability to work in different cleaning roles such as office cleaning or new construction cleaning. Upon completion of the interview, the managers get together and discuss the candidate’s background.

If all are in agreement that the candidate is someone we to try, then a comprehensive background check is initiated. This background check includes:

  • A nation-wide criminal history search (most companies only search at a state level)
  • A nation-wide sex offender background check
  • A search on the candidate’s driving record
  • A drug screening test and
  • A verification that the candidate is authorized to work in the United States.

The candidate is only allowed to start working with our company if they pass each and every one of the above checks. If accepted, the candidate is then brought in for a training period that lasts approximately 8 weeks. The first 4 days consist of intensive training during which the new employee is evaluated on work ethic, motivation, ability to clean, positive attitude and willingness to learn and accept feedback.

In the following 4 weeks, the new employee is paired with a very experienced trainer, during which all the nuances of cleaning are to be learned. During the final 4 weeks, the candidate is then observed for his or her ability to implement what was taught during the prior weeks of training.

We believe that our process for hiring and training is one of the most comprehensive of all cleaning companies in Charlotte. For every 22 candidates that respond to our job posting only one will be offered a job and pass through the first 4 weeks of training. Once all this is done, we’re proud to have a new addition to our Charlotte maids team!