Why Housecleaning Is Not Meant To Be One And Done

“When all else fails, cleaning house is the perfect antidote to most of life’s ills.” —Sue Grafton

A clean home is therapeutic and liberating. It’s a cloud of tranquility after a hectic day. A clean and organized home has many benefits, including reduced allergies, improved indoor air quality, task efficiency (time-saving), improved sleep, and reduced illness.

Residential Cleaning

Continuously maintaining a clean house seems out of reach for most people—especially amid the hustle and bustle of modern life. While a deep cleaning will leave you with a spotless home, for the moment, all things get dirty sooner or later. Based on our experience in residential cleaning, it’s easiest to maintain a clean space than it is to clean a dirty space. But how? Here are some quick and easy tips to keep your home sparkling clean in between deep cleaning visits.

Create an Attainable Cleaning Schedule – and Stick to it!

There are situations when a crash program works great—but residential cleaning is not one of them. Tackling all your cleaning tasks at one time can leave you resentful and drained. The trick to seamlessly keeping a house clutter-free every day is maintaining a realistic schedule. Create a list of cleaning tasks and split them into daily, weekly, or monthly routines in your calendar. Consider placing the cleaning checklist and schedule somewhere visible such as the fridge door. (Tip: Combine tasks that complement each other – e.g., washing dishes as you cook or scrubbing the fridge before you go grocery shopping.)

Make a Habit of Cleaning After Yourself

Always clean up after yourself. Make it your mission to pick up belongings after use. Teach your kids to place toys back in their designated spots. Put away spices immediately after use. Place clothes in the laundry room/basket after you take them off. Make the bed immediately after you get up to set the pace for the day. To quote U.S. Admiral William H. McRaven, “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.” Also, consider wiping up spills and other messes as they happen. These small tasks save you from the labor of dealing with set-in stains during your deep cleaning.

Delegate Tasks – Get Everyone Involved

Cleaning can be an ideal bonding opportunity for the whole family. Split up cleaning tasks and assign them to different members of the family based on their skill level. And remember to get everyone involved in a casual and enjoyable setting. Netflix and takeout meals afterward? Sharing the responsibility as a team helps create a cleaning culture that may serve your kids even into adulthood.

The Organic Maids

For more residential cleaning tips and maid services from our award-winning team, contact The Organic Maids at (704) 999-1947 today. We are dedicated to maintaining your well-being, peace of mind, and a clean environment.

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