Tips for Making House Cleaning More Fun

Tips for Making House Cleaning More Fun
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Believe it or not, some people actually do enjoy cleaning, but for the majority of people, it’s just a necessary evil that comes with being an adult and property owner. Keeping up with daily cleaning can be such a drag, especially after a long day at work. Nobody wants to have to spend their precious weekend time cooped up inside cleaning when they could be focusing on their hobbies or things they actually want to do. Other than just going out and hiring a residential cleaning service, there are a number of ways you can try to make cleaning your own house less dreadful for you. The expert Charlotte maids here at The Organic Maids have put together some ideas for making house cleaning more fun for you, read on!

Turn Cleaning Into a Game

One of the best ways to make house cleaning fun is to just turn it into a game somehow. You can do this in any number of ways: be that scoring a certain number of points for every task you get done, competing against someone else to see who can completely clean a room first, or even just setting a timer and challenging yourself to clean until the timer ends. Truly the possibilities are as endless as your imagination, you just might have so much fun you don’t even notice or mins that you’re cleaning.

Get Quality & Fun Cleaning Gear

Go ahead and start by throwing out all of your decrepit cleaning gear, get rid of all those tattered rags you wipe and dust with and that rusty broom with a bent handle. Buying new gear for yourself that looks and feels good will make your cleaning experience much more bearable. You can let your imagination run wild, if you think bright colored hand towels are funny, buy some! If a set of sponges with different colors would make you feel more inclined to use them, get it! One useful but funny gift idea is slippers with fuzzy dust-collecting bottoms, so you can collect dust as you wear them around the house.

Treat Yourself

We understand that for you cleaning might just not be that much fun, but rewarding yourself afterward can make it all feel more worthwhile. It could be something as simple as setting aside one of your favorite candies to enjoy after each room you finish cleaning. Don’t worry about the candy being unhealthy, cleaning is a good workout and you’re burning those calories right off most likely!

Blast the Music

Music makes almost everything more fun, and if you’re cleaning the house you have the right to blast your music while you do it! Chances are good that before you know it you’ll be dancing around while you clean, making you move through it all faster and without just sitting there in silence thinking about how you wish you weren’t currently stuck cleaning. If anyone complains about your music, tell them they can play whatever they want then they themselves clean the house!

If All Else Fails, You Can Always Hire a Maid Service

Tips for Making House Cleaning More Fun

While there are near endless ways to make cleaning your house more fun, at the end of the day, we know that a majority of you would certainly still just rather be doing something other than cleaning. So we say go ahead, start doing your hobby or get outside without the guilt of not doing your own cleaning. Give The Organic Maids a call and our Charlotte maids will be out cleaning your home from floorboard to ceiling as soon as we can. After our initial house cleaning service, we can provide regularly scheduled cleaning services for you to keep your home at a high level of cleanliness for the foreseeable future. With The Organic Maids on the job you don’t have to worry about anything, we bring all of the supplies we need and take great care of your home while you enjoy your day. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or ask any questions about our maids Charlotte you may have!