Out Of Time To Clean? Here Are Some Speedy Tips For You

In today’s hectic and stressful times, many of us often find it challenging to take care of our households. We are short on time and rush through our household cleaning regime or skip it entirely. However, here are some shortcuts, methods, and tools to help you clean more quickly when you are short on time.

Quick Cleaning Begins with a Quick Pick-up

The basics of a clean home begin with decluttering, taking a couple of minutes at the end of each day to go around each room and pick up the toys and other items lying around the house. Using a spare laundry basket will help you pick up the clutter quickly and keep it in one place so that you can deal with it when you have more time.

Try to Multitask as Much as Possible

Try and work multiple chores in the same area to make the most of your cleaning time. For example, while you start on the dirty dishes, think about what else you can do simultaneously, such as wipe down the countertops while pots and pans soak in the sink. This way, you can get the most out of the time you spend cleaning.

Follow a System and Do It Every Time

If you want to cut your cleaning time in half, put a system in place. Having a strategy means cleaning the house in the same order every time. Start working in each room at a start point. Work your way around the room, finishing when you reach the start point. Working a room in this manner reduces wasted time skipping from one place to another. Repeat the same thing every time you clean so that it becomes routine.

Start Cleaning Top to Bottom, and Then Move Left to Right

Do not start cleaning the living room by dusting your coffee table, then moving to the blinds. The dust from the blinds ends up coating your freshly cleaned table. The ideal trick to fast cleaning is to begin at the top of the room, such as dusting off the ceiling fan, and eventually work your way down to cleaning the floor. This method cuts out any redundant work.

Working top to bottom and moving left to right will ensure you are only cleaning an area one time instead of having to clean up areas that have been cleaned already.

Keep Your Tools Ready and in One Place

Before you begin cleaning, have all your tools and products ready in one place and within an arm’s reach. This system reduces the time you waste walking back and forth to the cabinet where you store your cleaning products. Place your products and tools in a caddy or bucket – everything’s in one place and can be moved easily.

If you want to cut down on your cleaning time, you need to make it a habit to clean often. After a deep cleaning, you need to follow up with a once-over every couple of weeks; otherwise, the next time you clean, it will only take a lot longer to go through the house.

The Organic Maids

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