How Long Is A Deep Cleaning Of Your Home Going To Take?

Most people want their houses to look as clean and organized as possible. However, not every homeowner has the time or the patience to deep clean their home themselves. Professional cleaners like Organic Maids can help. They know how to deal with messy homes efficiently. There are two types of cleaning services: regular cleaning and deep cleaning.

Cleaning Services: Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is meant to be “upkeep” cleaning. These are the easy tasks to keep a clean house in good shape. Generally, a regular cleaning takes 1-3 hours, depending on the size of the house, and includes:

  • Vacuuming and mopping floors
  • Cleaning bathrooms – wiping down counters, sinks, toilets, mirrors, tub/shower
  • Cleaning kitchen – wiping surfaces, the exterior of appliances, taking out the trash
  • Wiping/Dusting surfaces throughout the house
  • Sometimes other simple tasks such as laundering bedding & doing dishes are also included.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning, on the other hand, is usually done only a few times a year. This cleaning addresses built-up dirt or grime and includes some or all of these additional tasks:

  • Removing soap and scale scum from showerheads, kitchen, and bath tiles
  • Clean under and behind the refrigerator, range, washer, and dryer
  • Dust baseboards, doors, and crown molding
  • Wash windows (interior), window frames, patio doors
  • Clean interior oven and glass
  • Other tasks as offered or negotiated with the cleaning company

Scheduling Cleaning Service

If you plan on booking a deep cleaning session, you might wonder how long it will take. The answer is each property is unique and has its own set of challenges. Here are the factors impacting the length of time it takes to deep clean a home.

How Large is Your Home?

One of the most significant factors is the size of your home. As you can imagine, the larger your property, the longer it will take to deep clean. For instance, a 750 square foot home might take around an hour or two to complete. On the other hand, a 2000 square foot home could take up to seven hours.

Do You Have Multiple Bathrooms?

Bathrooms can take a while to deep clean. The extra time is because bathrooms are full of bacteria, hard water deposits, and even rusting. If you have more than two heavily used bathrooms, expect this to increase the deep cleaning time.

Do You Clean Regularly?

You have to consider the actual state of your home. For example, if you clean a lot or have someone clean your house for you regularly, it will take less time. But if you leave things to the last minute and let messes accumulate, that could increase the number of hours it takes to deep clean.

The Organic Maids

Regardless of what state your home is in, feel free to contact The Organic Maids today. We can handle cleaning jobs of any size. We’ll offer you a quote, and the estimated time it will take for deep cleaning your house. Call 704-999-1947.

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