Benefits of Cleaning with Non-Toxic Products

The importance of a clean home can’t be emphasized enough. We’ve all enjoyed that feeling of relaxing in a neat and orderly home. But, you can go one step further and ensure your home is clean and safe from harmful chemicals. Using non-toxic cleaning products will give peace of mind when children and pets are in the house. In addition, many non-toxic cleaning solutions can be mixed up from ingredients you probably already have in your home for pennies. This article discusses why to use them and how to mix them up.

Tips from a Charlotte Cleaning Service: Using Non-Toxic Cleaners

Non-Toxic Cleaners are Safe for the Family

Do you have under-sink cabinets without safety locks in your house? These are the cabinets where the little ones love exploring. If you have no harmful chemicals there, that means safety for everyone. Using non-toxic cleaners brings the peace of mind that you can clean the house with kids and pets present without worries. Kids often follow you as you clean and love to “help” you scrub. You can make it fun by giving them a sponge soaked with homemade non-toxic cleaners and watching them imitate your moves without worrying about harming them.

Cleaner Air

Most store-bought cleaners are full of harmful chemicals and release fumes when used. It’s the reason most of them have numerous warning labels. With a non-toxic homemade cleaner, you can enjoy clean air in your home.

Cost Effective

Compared to most store-bought cleaners, non-toxic cleaners are much cheaper. This is because they contain inexpensive ingredients found in every grocery store. Mixing up an all-purpose cleaner or a simple batch of glass cleaner only costs a few pennies. It can be even cheaper when the ingredients are bought in bulk.

Environmentally Friendly

Some hazardous ingredients in household cleaning solutions seep easily into local water sources, polluting them and killing aquatic life. Most water treatment plants can’t remove all the chemicals. When these build over time, they affect natural resources, marine life, and wildlife.

Switching to Non-Toxic Cleaners

If you don’t want to throw away your conventional cleaners, replace them with non-toxic ones as you use them. If you choose to get rid of them, check your city’s regulations for ‘hazardous waste disposal’ and drop off the cleaners for correct disposal.

Create the cleaner of your choice using natural ingredients to keep the house clean. You don’t need a closet full of cleaners. You only need a basic all-purpose cleaner, a glass cleaner, and a few other as-needed cleaners. Look for cleaning solution recipes on the Good Housekeeping website.

The Organic Maids

Do you need help keeping your house clean? The Organic Maids are a Charlotte cleaning service that uses non-toxic cleaners, ensuring you enjoy a clean and safe home for your family. Contact them today at 704-999-1947 and schedule a cleaning.