Removing Water Stains from Furniture

If you own solid wood furniture, you have invested a considerable amount of money into the interior design for your home. Chances are you’ve done your best to maintain the beautiful look of your furniture, only to discover that someone forgot to use a coaster, leaving a water stain on the furniture’s surface. It can be pretty distressing to see your valuable investment stained. However, there is help for removing water stains from furniture.

House Cleaning in Charlotte: Removing Water Stains

Remove Excess Water

Promptly tackling the water stain issue will lessen the chance it will cause long-term damage to the wood. According to house cleaning experts, the first step should be to grab a thin cotton cloth and a hairdryer. Place the cloth over the stain to absorb any lingering water. If you still see a mark, leave the cloth in place, then run the hairdryer on a high setting to get any additional moisture to dry up. Check every 30 seconds. The water stain should be fully dry in most instances, and your table should be back to normal. Another benefit of using heat is that it will soften the varnish on the surface, minimizing the look of the water stain. If you’re pleased with the results, you’re done!

Use Furniture Oil

If you still see a slight stain, the next step is to try a furniture oil. If you don’t have any in your home, you can head to your kitchen cupboards. Try using mineral oil or vegetable oil. Rub a small amount of the oil into the water stain with a soft cloth. Leave a small amount of excess oil on the area overnight. This allows the oil to be absorbed slowly into the wood. The following day, use a small dry cloth to remove any remaining oil. If you’re happy with the result, then you’re done.

The Organic Maids

If you’re hesitant in handling a water stain yourself or are stressed over making it worse, then it may be time to hire the experts. Professional house cleaners have had to tackle a wide range of cleaning issues, so they have the expertise and know what to do when there are water stains left on a table. Please visit our house cleaning Charlotte website to find out how to book The Organic Maids cleaning experts to tackle this issue for you or call 704-999-1947 and set up an appointment today.