Perspectives on New Hardwood Floor Installations

Hardwood floors are by far one of the most beautiful upgrades that any homeowner can do. In fact, many real estate agents believe that installing hardwood floors can increase the value of the home. However, most people do not realize that one of the most expensive aspects of new hardwood floor installation is the post-installation cleanup. Furthermore, the choice of hardwood floors impacts how easy or difficult it is to keep your floors looking clean. Here are some tips from a Charlotte cleaning service MaidPure!

  1. Choose a “dustless” installation. Obviously, one of the most important things is to choose the right company to do the installation. However, all other things equal, we would always recommend that homeowners choose installers that use a dustless system. Although a dustless system is not perfectly dustless, it does reduce the amount of dust generated during installation. This will reduce the cost of post-installation cleanup.
  2. Insist that all rooms and cabinets are sealed off and covered with plastic. Simply closing the door does not prevent the dusts from entering those rooms or cabinets. If those rooms are not sealed, the cleanup will take significantly longer and be significantly pricier.
  3. Ensure that all furniture and wall hangings are removed from the areas where new installation is going to occur. This just doesn’t mean putting them into a separate room but keeping it completely away from any of the installation. Many clients opt to put their furniture into the garage during installation when feasible.
  4. Understand the type of hardwoods you are purchasing. During the selection process, you may be considering many different things such as price, color and durability. Here are a couple of other items to consider from our perspective:
    1. Some laminate flooring and engineered hardwood tend to be more difficult to clean because items such as footprints and streaks appear quite readily.
    2. Dark colored wood, while gorgeous, will show any dirt/hair/imperfection very easily requiring cleanup to be much more frequent in order to get that clean look.

At The Organic Maids, post-construction cleanup and post-renovation cleanup are a pleasure to do. We have cleaned dozens of homes in the Charlotte area that were full of dust and made those homes virtually dust-free. During our normal cleanings, we ensure all hardwood floors are treated with care and meticulously cleaned each and every time. So if you want the best in cleaning for floors and more, you need Charlotte maids.