Why You Need to Care About How Clean Your Office Is

First impressions in the business world play a significant role in how your business is perceived. However, appearance is not limited to how well your employees dress. It also includes how clean and well-kept the office space is. It’s easy to neglect office cleaning, especially if an office doesn’t have an office cleaning service. An untidy office portrays a poor company image and has a direct impact on the employee’s productivity.

Why Keep Your Office Clean?

Why You Need to Care About How Clean Your Office Is

For starters, a clean office is a comfortable and productive space. No one wants to leave their home and come to work in a dirty and smelly area where they struggle to focus. An unclean office has adverse effects on employee’s health and productivity and your brand image. So why keep your office clean?

The Health Of Your Working Family

Numerous people come in and out of the office touching door handles and shaking hands. The average office phone has more than 25,000 germs per square inch, while an employee refrigerator has more than 2.7 million. Some of these bacteria are responsible for spreading harmful diseases.  Keeping surfaces clean reduces the transmission of bacteria and viruses to people.

Brand Reputation

It’s human nature to spread negative feedback, which circulates faster than positive feedback. When you have an untidy office, the customers visiting your office will associate that mess with the quality of your work.  In their minds, a messy office equals messy service.   A clean office enhances brand reputation while a dirty one invites negative reviews that travel fast. What message does your brand send out there with an unkempt office?

Staff Productivity

Why You Need to Care About How Clean Your Office Is

When you have a clean and tidy office, your employees are motivated to wake up and come to work every day. No employee likes a smelly office where they can’t focus due to the dirty environment. If your staff and employees are always sick or don’t feel well because the office is full of allergens, they aren’t able to work to their full potential. In a clean office, the employees are all smiles and happy, enhancing their productivity.

It’s easy to ignore office cleaning, but the impact it has on your brand and employees is significant. Word spreads fast, and once your office gets a negative review, it can quickly ruin your reputation. Organic maids won’t let that happen. Focus on your work all day long but leave the cleaning to the professionals at Organic Maids.

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