Keeping Your Retail Space Sanitized

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, keeping your business clean and sanitary has become increasingly important. Customers want to know if they’re safe, and it is your responsibility to ensure their safety. Here are some tips on making sure your retail space continues to run smoothly amid new cleaning routines.

Have Employees and Customers Wear Masks

Public space and office cleaning are essential parts of running a business during the pandemic, but your best front lines are face masks. Ensure that employees and customers wear masks while in your store. Provide them if necessary.

Regularly Sanitize Point-of-Sale Stations

While the transmission of COVID-19 from surfaces has yet to be documented, regularly disinfecting surfaces is still a good practice, especially areas that get touched often, such as checkout areas. Clean cash register keyboards, credit card machines, countertops, tables, and other nearby surfaces that get a lot of traffic.

Hold Employees Accountable for Specific Areas

Keeping up with sanitation throughout the day can be difficult, especially if only one person is responsible for a large area. By designating specific areas to employees throughout the day, you can minimize the amount of work any single person must do. As with any other task, many hands make light work when office cleaning. Be sure to include handles, railings, switches, doorknobs, and other often-touched places when making assignments.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Professional contractors are specially trained to identify high-risk areas and to clean efficiently and effectively. Rumors of a COVID-19 outbreak at your store are bad for business, which means that paying for professional public space and office cleaning is an investment in your clients’ safety and satisfaction. Maintain your business’s success by keeping your retail space sanitized.

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