How Do I Get Paint Out Of Clothes?

Painting is messy, and is something we have all encountered at one time. Whether you are painting a wall or a picture or accidentally leaning on something freshly painted, getting paint on your clothes can be a problem. You don’t need to stress if handled quickly; paint can be removed from clothing when these steps are followed.

How Do You Remove Paint Stains from Clothes?

Different types of paint are created differently. They have unique chemical combinations and characteristics that need specialized cleaning. Paints can be water-based, oil-based, latex, or acrylic. Each type of paint requires different cleaning methods.

Water-based Paints

Removing water-based paints is an arts and craft staple, especially if you have kids. Follow these steps to remove water-based paint from clothes effectively.

  • Take the stained clothing and flush its backside with cold water.
  • Take one tablespoon of dish soap and mix with 10oz of water then apply it on the stain.
  • Use a clean rag and blot the area.
  • Wash the clothes in cold water.

Oil-based Paints

With oil-based paints, the cleaning process is different. The stain is more stubborn and requires specialized cleaning to remove. Follow these steps:

  • Use thinner or acetone on the stain.
  • Take one tablespoon of dish soap add to 10 ounces of water.  Apply this solution to the stain.
  • Use a clean rag and blot the area.
  • Use a stain remover to pretreat the clothes.
  • Wash or dry clean the clothes with hot water (hot water breaks down the oil allowing it to be washed away)

Acrylic paint forms a plastic layer on the clothes when it dries. The faster you remove the paint, the easier it is. To remove the pain immediately it gets on your clothes:

  • Use cold water and flush the paint from the clothes.
  • Pretreat the remaining discoloration with stain remover.
  • Wash with warm water.

If you can’t remove it immediately, you can do it after the paint dries.

How Do I Get Paint Out Of Clothes?
  • Apply rubbing alcohol or alcohol-based hair-spray or nail remover on the stain.
  • Pretreat with stain remover.
  • Washing with warm water.

Note: Before applying the alcohol-based product, test it on an inconspicuous area of the clothes to ensure it doesn’t do more harm than good.

Latex Paint

Latex paint is less durable and easier to remove from your clothes. Use the above method used to remove the acrylic-based painting to achieve the best results. Try the less aggressive pretreatment methods before turning to alcohol-based products to get the dried paint off. This process will keep the colors bright and prevent damage to the clothes.

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