Tackling Pet Dander In The Home

Anyone with a furry friend for a pet is acutely aware that they shed. The amount of shed fur and dander varies from breed to breed and between cats and dogs. It is also affected by how much time a pet spends outdoors. Still, pet dander is a constant concern for pet owners and sufferers of allergies or asthma. Fortunately, tackling pet dander isn’t difficult, though it does take vigilance.  And if you are not up to the ask you can contact house cleaning in Charlotte to do the job.

Regular Pet Grooming

Naturally, regular grooming of a pet will reduce dander buildup. It also has the added benefit of focusing the dander in one location for easier cleanup. Regular baths and brushings not only reduce dander accumulation throughout the house, but they also help keep pets clean and healthy.

Removing and Containing Dander

Tackling Pet Dander In The Home

Despite such regular efforts, dander can still accumulate in the home. Vacuuming is an easy and effective method to regularly remove dander that has settled on the floor, especially under furniture where smaller pets like to nap. For other surfaces, lint rollers are excellent for removing dander. Their small size makes them great for traveling as well, an added benefit for people who like to take their pets but worry about dander accumulating in the car.

Cleaning pet toys and providing pets with a bed is also useful. Pet beds are beneficial because they provide a dedicated location for the pet to sleep. After all, then the dander collects on their bed and not on a family bed or sofa. Regularly cleaning the pet bed reduces home dander issues.

Furniture Types to Reduce Dander

Though regular cleaning and grooming are necessary, what sort of furniture is in the home can also make a difference. Some fabrics attract dander more than others, so fabric selection for the coverings of couches and loveseats can prove very helpful for reducing dander.

Air Circulation in Home

Tackling Pet Dander In The Home

Finally, it’s worth looking into the home’s air circulation. Poor circulation can cause dander and dust to settle.  Open a window or two for a few minutes each day. The airflow will help remove dander before it can settle and make cleaning more difficult.

Pets are a lot of fun, but they can create some work. Dander is one such aspect of pet ownership, and taking care of it is just as important as the pet itself. Enjoying the clean air and a happy pet go hand in hand, so taking care of the dander means taking care of the pet and the home.

Maid Service to the Rescue

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