Nine Tips To Shorten Kitchen Cleanup

The kitchen is one of the most heavily-used rooms in the home. It is not uncommon to spend half an hour to an hour every day just on kitchen cleanup. At The Orgnaic Maids we have cleaned thousands of kitchens at this point in time. Through our observations and experiences, we have some cleaning tips and tricks you can use to shorten the cleanup time.

1. Cook less frequently, but in greater quantity. Instead of cooking 1 or more times a day, pick one or two days in a week and cook several meals simultaneously. Not only does that mean less cleaning but it also shortens the amount of time one spends cooking altogether.

2. Use a cover when heating food in the microwave.  Food that splatters in the microwave quickly dries on the inner surfaces and is difficult and time-consuming to clean. Simply putting a microwave cover over your food will prevent any splatter. Most covers are dishwasher-safe for quick cleaning.

3. Consider using microfiber cloths instead of paper towels. Microfiber cloths are far more durable and absorbent than paper towels making the scrubbing of surfaces easier.   Furthermore, because they are reusable you will notice up to an 80% drop in paper towel usage saving money and reducing garbage.

4. Avoid using glass tables. Because glass tables are transparent, they require cleaning on both the top and the bottom. Cleaning the bottom side is very time-consuming because the supporting legs get in the way.   Consider covering glass tables with a cloth that can be thrown into the washing machine or wiped.

5. Vacuum your floors. We find vacuuming allows a better and quicker floor cleanup. This is because the suction power of a vacuum is able to reach corners much more easily than a broom. Depending on your kitchen, a smaller vacuum may be needed as upright vacuums may be too large to do a good job.

6.  Use ample cleaning solution on your counters, and let the solution soak while you do the dishes. This will help reduce the need to scrub surfaces and shortening the time to clean counters. We recommend that you purchase an empty spray bottle and a cleaning concentrate, which you can mix at home with water. This will be much less expensive than purchasing premixed bottles.

7. Consider upgrading your dishwasher. Many mid or lower-range dishwashers require dishes to be rinsed or even scrubbed before loading. Not only is this time-consuming, but it wastes water. Higher-end dishwashers are able to handle very dirty dishes, including dried egg yolk, without any pre-rinsing. This will reduce the time required to do the dishes by more than fifty percent.  Always use hot water and separate rinse aid.

8. De-clutter. During our home cleaning services, we have observed that there is a twenty percent difference in time when a house has few if any items on the counters versus a house that has many items on their counters. Consider carefully which items are actually used and remove any items rare used. You will be amazed at how quickly you can clean your counters.

9. Cover your drip pans. For those who have electric stoves, there is usually a drip pan underneath the electric coil. Those pans get dirty and are difficult to clean. Consider covering the drip pans with aluminum foil before using. It is then a simple process of removing the foil when it gets dirty.

If you need any help getting your kitchen all cleaned up, Charlotte maids are here to help.