Keeping Your Home Cleaner, For Longer

Housing cleaning is essential for everyone; it extends the beauty and style of your home. There is a range of ways to go about house cleaning, some more effective than others, but since most people don’t enjoy the chore of cleaning, keeping the house cleaner for a more extended period is the goal. Here are some house cleaning tips to understand the best way to keep your home cleaner for longer.

House Cleaning Tips

Get Rid of the Old Mop

If there is one thing a person can do, it is to avoid mopping floors. Mopping doesn’t benefit anyone – it spreads germs. A better choice is using a steam mop, which works much more effectively than other floor cleaning techniques. Another system to try is a spray vacuum that enables a more effective and thorough cleaning. These mops leave no residue after the cleaning.

Use Vinegar for the Toilet

The toilet is one area of the house where most of the germs persist. Cleaning is a significant part of home maintenance. The best way to keep the bathroom clean is using vinegar. It is a simple operation. Add a spoonful of vinegar to the toilet at night. Let the vinegar sit overnight for it to work its magic. Flush away the vinegar in the morning, and the toilet bowl will be as good as new.

Vacuum Larger Areas

Regular vacuuming proves to be an excellent method to ensure the cleanliness of one’s home. But people often think that only limited areas can be vacuumed, such as the floor. There are many more uses for the vacuum, such as using it to clean the upholstery. Get rid of the accumulated dust on the sofas and chairs.

Clean Window Screens

Sparkling windows are a joy to look through, but window washing is a time-consuming chore. How do you ensure that windows remain clean throughout the year with less washing? Clean the screens. Dirty screens collect dust and dirt, and then strong winds and rain deposit this dirt on window panes. Regular screen cleaning keeps dust from accumulating on the window over time. Besides, screens are easier to clean than windows.

The Organic Maids

By doing light cleaning regularly, one can prevent dirt from accumulating that then requires heavier cleaning. Checking around the house for small things, such as dust on the lampshades and cleaning them immediately, can go a long way when maintaining one’s home. If you are finding it challenging to keep on top of cleaning, The Organic Maids can help. Our expert cleaning teams use all the best techniques to keep your house clean and looking great – even between cleanings—Call 704-999-1947 to schedule a cleaning today.