Keeping Your Home Clean 101

Every house benefits from a thorough cleaning now and again, but many people find this task difficult to complete regularly due to hectic schedules. However, this chore can be accomplished if you stay organized and keep these few house cleaning tips in mind.

Top House Cleaning Tips

Read the label. It’s important to read (and understand) cleaning product labels. When shopping, you’ll see bottles full of various liquids. Which one to purchase? The answer can seem overwhelming. Though they all claim to be the best, are they the safest to use in your home? A good indicator is an eco-friendly certification badge. Keep an eye out for a Green Seal or EcoLogo endorsement. These are universal symbols for earth-friendly products you can trust.

Get creative with DIY. Why buy when you can do it yourself? Eco-friendly home cleaning products are cheap and easy to make with ingredients already sitting in the pantry. For example, baking soda is an excellent deodorizer, lemon juice mixed with water cuts through grease stains, and vinegar in a spray bottle works wonders on grimy surfaces.

Choose reusable over disposable. Our grandparents had the right idea when they used reusable cleaning cloths—trade-in those rolls of wasteful white paper towels for a microfiber alternative. Not only will this save money, but the Earth appreciates the helping hand, too.

Say goodbye to scents. Candles smell lovely, but be careful. Hidden in the wax are often harmful chemicals. Likewise, air fresheners with ammonium compounds are dangerous. These products cause asthma, headaches, fertility problems, eye/nose irritation, and even cancer. If you must use an air freshener, opt for an organic room freshener or essential oil.

Leave shoes at the door. In many parts of the world, shoes are removed and left on a mat outside. That’s because the average pair of shoes are dirtier than a toilet seat. When shoes are worn indoors, the wearer unknowingly transfers harmful bacteria around the home. Avoid the issue altogether by slipping shoes off at the door.

Pay attention to high-contact surfaces. Germs love to congregate on high-contact surfaces like countertops, tables, doorknobs, kitchen appliances, light switches, and phones. Objects that get frequently touched need to be cleaned regularly.

The Organic Maids

Taking care of your house shouldn’t come at a detriment to your family’s health. Use these house cleaning tips to create a living environment that is clean, safe, non-toxic, and stress-free. If you can’t keep up with your house cleaning chores, The Organic Maids are ready to help. Their expert cleaning teams can have your home spic and span in no time. Call 704-999-1947 and see what they can do for you.