Keep Children’s Toys Organized

There was a time in your home when you could walk across a room barefoot without fear of treading on a Lego. But unfortunately, toys accompany the children and pets living in your house. You must accept this reality, but not the mess. So here are some suggestions for reducing toy pandemonium in your home.

Maid Service in Charlotte NC: Toy Organization & Storage

Dedicate Excess Storage Capacity for Toys

Let’s imagine you have three bins set aside for daily toy storage. If the bins are full at the end of the day, you can guarantee that they will be emptied at the start of the next day’s play as the kids search for a particular toy. To make it easier for kids to rummage through and find what they’re looking for, double the bin capacity and only fill each one halfway. Dumping is reduced even more by sorting and labeling containers by toy kinds, ownership, size, etc., whichever makes sense in your household. Use picture or color stickers instead of word labels for younger children to identify the bins.

Schedule Playdates Wisely

Some children are born scatterers. You’re pretty sure they stand in the middle of a room while you’re not looking, hurling toys in all directions. Determine who those children are in your child’s group of playmates and control the dumping during playdates by limiting the toys available. Also, make sure all participants complete their fair amount of post-play cleanup.

Rotate Toys

Have a hidden, out-of-reach location available for storing some of your children’s toys. Remove and stow a few items from the daily bins now and again when the kids are away or asleep. You can sneakily return something to the daily container if you observe your child looking for it. On rainy days, when the youngsters’ boredom levels are at their highest, you can also use “magic” and retrieve toys from storage. Also, If a stowed item isn’t requested after a few weeks or months, you can be sure it’s okay to remove it from rotation and donate it.

Toy Cleanout

Do a toy cleanout twice a year. This activity should include the kids. Clean out toys shortly before birthdays or big gift-giving holidays, so you can justify it as creating room for all the new stuff they’ll receive. Appeal to a youngster’s sense of sharing and generosity when selecting toys to donate. Also, ensure all donated toys are safe, intact, in good shape, and as clean as you’d want them to be for your child.

The flow of toys and playthings may appear limitless, but you can keep the clutter at bay if you take charge of the issue.

Organic Maids

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