How You Can Take Back Your Teen’s Bedroom

It has been years of trying to get your teen to maintain their bedroom. Most of the time, taking matters in your own hands to help tidy the teen’s bedroom was the only option. Time has now come for your young adult to leave and you have full control of the room. All you need to do is figure out what to do with it, and there are a ton of options. Before repurposing the room a good cleaning from maid service in Charlotte might be in order. After a thorough cleaning, your creative side can take over.

Creating a Guest Room

How You Can Take Back Your Teen’s Bedroom
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The best location for a guest room is away from the master bedroom. Down the hall, a different floor, or across the house are ideal locations that ensure the privacy of your guests. Transforming your teen’s bedroom into a guest room gives you full creative control. You get to choose the paint, color, and décor, creating a comfortable resting place for your guests. You can also try something new, like adding a full-size bed or a pull-out couch to give your guest comfort and flexibility.

Did You Ever Want A Workout Room?

The kids are now out of the house, and you have an empty room. No more excuses that you don’t have time to work out. A home gym makes getting flexible and healthy easier. You can install a treadmill, an audiovisual system, or you can go minimal or add a mirror and floor mats. Whatever gets you moving is ideal for the gym. Stop paying those gym fees and workout at home.

Build An Accessible Creative Oasis

Make this room a space to support your creative side. Get a big table in there for cutting fabric, wrapping gifts, framing art prints, or for painting projects. Turn the closet into an organized storage center that can house the sewing machine, paintings, scrapbook supplies, paper, and so much more. Fill the walls with inspirational photos, sayings, or drawings – anything that stimulates your creative side. Who knows, you may start selling your creations.

Making A Home Office

How You Can Take Back Your Teen’s Bedroom
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Having a home office is better than having all your paper and office work scattered on the coffee table. If you have carved out a home working space elsewhere, you can now make this room a dedicated home office. You have all the space needed to store your files, charge laptops, sort mail, and have permanent desk space.

A Quiet Place To Read

Take advantage of the spare room and transform it into a reading or study room. Install floor to ceiling bookshelves, comfortable chairs, soft blankets, a lamp, and pillows to enhance the look. Place all your books here, and stock with new ones, then choose a warm and soft tone to maintain a calm and serene vibe in the room.

The First Step Towards Transformation

Before transforming the teen’s room into anything, start with a clean slate by decluttering and clearing everything that your young adult left behind. Clean the room from ceiling to floor, clearing any dust mites, cobwebs, and dirt out of the room.

Organic Maids To The Rescue

Ready for a new project? Schedule the Organic Maids, a maid service Charlotte, to come do a deep clean. They will leave a clean “canvas” behind so you can engage your creativity gear. Call 704-999-1947 today.