How to Keep Everyone Safe When Hiring A House Cleaner Post-COVID

During the coronavirus pandemic, so many people are hesitant to let other people in their homes. Most people who had professional cleaning service providers stopped the services. The fear is real, and as we all know, human contact is one way that the virus spreads. But what if you need house cleaning Charlotte services? What if your home has dust balls the size of a baseball? It might be time for a professional cleaning service.

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COVID Precautions

Organic Maids took the initiative to train their staff on staying safe and keeping their clients safe to get the job done perfectly.

Masks. The first thing is to wear masks. That includes having the resident wear a mask as well.

Air Circulation. Inside the house, they make sure there is as much air circulation as possible.

Testing. The risks can be managed. All staff must undergo mandatory testing as it is now widely available and then have temperature checks and pulse oximeters to keep them safe.

Reduce Contact. Minimizing contact with people is another strategy. When having the house cleaned, residents are advised to stay out or stay in a separate room than the cleaning team.


The primary transmission mode is having one person coughing or talking some respiratory droplets out and the other person breathing them in, according to Brian Labus, the infectious disease epidemiologist and assistant professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Nevada.

Scientists now understand the virus a bit better. In addition to wearing masks and social distancing, residents are advised to monitor the spread of the virus in their local area. This way, they can better determine if it is safe for someone to come into your house.

Hiring Professional Cleaners

For clients hiring professional cleaning services, providers are advised to confirm how they are screening their workers. If you want them to use a specific disinfectant, make sure they know how it’s used and for how long it has to sit on the surface to sanitize thoroughly.

Before the cleaners arrive, take a spin around your house and get rid of clutter. Put your cosmetics and toothbrush away and keep the vanity tops clear. Take your products from the shower and tub if you have several bottles there. The aim is to have the cleaner touch only what is required.

Those using professional cleaning companies ask if they use fresh sets of cleaning cloths for every job and if the cleaning bottles and tools are cleaned between stops. If you have cleaning equipment, have the cleaners use them to prevent germ spread. The tools you provide should also be in good shape and have extra hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, and paper towels around. The primary transfer of the virus is shared airspace.

Have your particular job requests submitted before your cleaners arrive. It is also nice if the cleaning personnel disinfects all the surfaces they touch in the house and the doorknobs when leaving.

The Organic Maids

Professional housing cleaning can happen during a pandemic as long as the cleaning service and the homeowners are on the same page about the process. If the homeowners know what to expect and the service follows a set of guidelines to reduce the risk of transmission. The Organic Maids care about their customers and go above and beyond to protect them. Call them at 704-999-1947 and discuss your cleaning needs.