How To Clean Your Home For Pet Allergies

In most homes, pets are family members. As a result, they have access to almost everything except the fridge (maybe), and they leave little bits of themselves all over the house. This is especially true for furry pets.

While fur might not be a big deal, dander is, especially for anyone with allergies. Dander, not the animal’s hair, is the protein responsible for allergies. It is found on the pet’s skin, in their urine, and their saliva.

Getting rid of the pet is never an option, so many people struggle through their allergic reactions. It does not have to be a dire situation, though. With these house cleaning tips, pet owners can have the company of their lovely pet and avoid frequent sneezing, runny nose, and constantly watery eyes.

House Cleaning Tips: Pet Allergies

Use HEPA-Enabled Vacuums

The floor (and everything on it) is the first place to start. Dust, fur, and dander eventually settle on the floor, rugs, carpet, and furniture fabric. How these surfaces are cleaned may be the difference between aggravating allergies and breathing easily.

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. HEPA filters can remove 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and any airborne particles – including dander. Using HEPA-enabled vacuums on rugs and carpets rids them of these allergy-inducing particles. While vacuuming, consider the following.

Vacuuming stirs dander into the air, and thus it is advisable to use a mask while performing this task.
Dander can settle deep into the rugs, carpet, and furniture fabric, making it hard to clean properly using a home vacuum. It is recommended to have these professionally cleaned several times a year.

Clean Air

A seemingly obvious but overlooked house cleaning tip for pet allergies is taking care of indoor air quality. Clean air means reduced dander. Reduced dander means decreasing allergic reactions.

As pets move around, scratch and play, a lot of dander gets released into the air. Air purifiers have filters that trap dander and other unwanted particles in the air, saving allergic household members and visitors from inhaling it. In addition, using HEPA-enabled filters in air ducts can prevent the transmission of dander from one room to another.

Bathe Pets Regularly

It is important to have pets and their possessions as clean as possible. Establishing a routine and using recommended shampoos can help reduce the amount of dander they release into the air. In addition, it is necessary to regularly wash their favorite blankets, pillows, beds, and toys to reduce contact with allergens.

The Organic Maids

You can follow these house cleaning tips or have professionals do it. A deep clean by professionals every once in a while helps eliminate any allergens lurking in hard-to-clean areas. Our cleaning teams know exactly what to do. Call The Organic Maids at 704-999-1947 to receive a free quote.