How To Clean Up Common Children’s Messes

Kids and mess are two words that go hand in hand. If you have kids at home, then I am sure your house is messy even if you’re home cleaning more often than you want. Lucky for you, we have some DIY solutions to help you get rid of the messes quickly and easily.

Kids Will Make Messes, and You’ll be The One Cleaning Them Up

How To Clean Up Common Children’s Messes
Portrait of a cute little boy messily playing with paints while making funny grimace, isolated over white

Colorful Modeling Compound (Play-Doh): As much as kids love designing their unique creations with modeling compound, parents hate the mess it creates. Do not deny your child a creative outlet because of a mess. Let them play. We have the tips to help you clean the colorful mess out of carpet:

  • Let the sculpture dry – this makes the compound crumbly
  • Loosen from carpet fibers using a soft brush
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove bits from carpet

Remove Unwanted Stickers: Adults understand that stickers should be in a scrapbook, but for kids, the entire house is a studio. So if your kid has decorated your walls with stickers, do not worry. You can get rid of them in a few simple steps.

  • Use a small paintbrush to soak the sticker in coconut or vegetable oil
  • A blow dryer will loosen adhesive
  • With the help of a soft scraper, gently work the edges of the sticker
  • Wipe the wall with warm water to remove the remaining bits

Clean Stubborn Food Stains: Spilling milk, juice, or a variety of foods is something that all kids do. Getting rid of food stains is not that easy. So here are the tips:
To two cups of warm water add one teaspoon of gentle dish soap

  • Using a soft cloth, dampen the stain with the warm water mixture
  • Blot the stain (rinsing the cloth in between) until it goes away

Gum Stuck in Carpet: Gum stuck in carpet is the most annoying mess a parent can experience. If you find this mess one day, you can get rid of the gum with this process:
Take a plastic bag and fill it with ice cubes.

  • Place this bag of ice cubes on the gum letting it harden with the cold
  • Use a scraper or knife to work the gum out of the carpet fibers gently
  • Use a spray carpet cleaner to remove the rest

These are not the only messes your kids can create. While you are busy parenting your children, we can help you with the home cleaning and the messes they make. We offer the best services at the most affordable rates. Contact Organic Maids for an estimate today. Call 704-999-1947 to schedule an appointment today.