How A Clean Home Can Make You Happier

It’s general knowledge that tidying and decluttering a home is vital for warding off disease-causing germs. But did you know that a clean home also supports a healthy mind? Who knew that The Organic Maids (maid service Charlotte NC) could help brighten your mood?

Clean Space, Happy Mind

According to an increasing number of studies, cleaning and decluttering living/workspaces profoundly impacts stress levels and mood. People with clean and organized homes tend to be happier, more productive, less stressed, and even sleep better. In a nutshell, keeping living spaces clean is good for mental health—and psychological research can prove it.

The Positive Psychology Behind a Clean House

Improved Sleep Quality: Looking to sleep like a baby and wake up fully energized to take on the world? Findings from a survey by the National Sleep Foundation show that a person is 19% more likely to enjoy a good night’s sleep by simply making the bed every morning and sleeping on clean sheets.

Reduced Stress Levels: A dirty and cluttered house may increase cortisol levels (stress hormone) in the residents. A 2010 study looking at 60 women found that people who had cluttered homes were more likely to report feeling depressed and tired.

Healthier Eating Choices: Yes, that’s right. Studies point to a link between healthier eating choices, weight management, and a clean, decluttered house.

Improved Concentration and Productivity: Struggling with concentration? Feeling unproductive? A widely-cited Princeton study suggests that the underlying culprit might be visual clutter (e.g., a messy home).

The Challenge of Staying Organized

The concept of “Happy House – Happy Body – Happy Mind!” is clear as day—but it’s easier said than done. Maintaining a decluttered, spick-and-span home takes work, time, and motivation.

In today’s increasingly fast-paced world, regular or deep cleaning a house barely fits into the daily schedule. A poll by Gallup suggests that the average adult spends around 47 hours a week working. And after a long busy day on the job, motivation reserves are understandably depleted. As a result, scrubbing grime or getting rid of clutter is often the last thing on anyone’s mind. But just because finding time to clean is increasingly tricky does not give you the leeway to skip it entirely. Remember, your mental well-being is at stake here.

The Organic Maids

Cleaning your home is essential for mental well-being—whether that means taking a few minutes every day to tidy or rolling back your sleeves, or one big day of deep cleaning and decluttering. When time is short, don’t skip the cleaning – get help. For professional help, get in touch with The Organic Maids and hire our award-winning maid service Charlotte NC. Our team will keep you in a great mood with a clean home. Call 704-999-1947 and set up an appointment today.