For the Sake of Your Home – Say No to Shoes Inside

It’s part of your everyday routine – you put on your favorite pair of shoes and then go outside to enjoy the day. It’s a great feeling. You can walk around in total comfort all day long because nothing is going to hurt your feet. But, what about inside the house? The answer might surprise you. If you wear your shoes indoors, you might want to rethink that habit.

House Cleaning Charlotte: No Shoes Indoors

Reduce Germs Inside the House

As you walk around outdoors and in public places, germs, dirt, and chemicals are collecting on the bottom of your shoes. If you wear those shoes in the house, they can spread those undesirables to any surface they touch. The spread can expand via your hands if you don’t wash them after removing your shoes.

Minimize Dirt

Dirt, mud, leaves, grasses, pollen, or other substances may be on the bottom of your shoes. Walking around the house can deposit these on carpets and floors, which can present a problem if any household residents have allergies.

Keep Your Home Clean

You don’t want to track all sorts of unwanted germs into your home with every step you take indoors, and it’s done without you even thinking about it. So stop the contamination now because having shoe-free homes is as easy as slipping them off at the front door. Just remember this one simple rule – take ’em off.

Saves the Integrity of Your Floors

Wearing shoes indoors can ruin the integrity of your floors, especially if you have wooden flooring. In that case, it’s imperative to remove shoes because rigid materials such as small stones or sticks embedded in the shoe soles can scratch the wooden surface.

Organize Your Shoes

You can keep your shoes organized by having a shoe rack near the entrance of your home. It will help them from being all over the place, and it keeps you from getting confused when trying to find one pair or another – because they’ll be in their designated area.

The Organic Maids

If you have been wearing shoes inside, then the chances are your house is already full of germs. If you need high-quality house cleaning in Charlotte, look no further than The Organic Maids. Regular cleaning by The Organic Maids can help to make your house a healthier place to live. Contact us at 704-999-1947 today.