Deep Cleaning the Bedroom – Tips and Tricks

Sleep is vital to our health. It is extensively documented that a good night’s sleep helps the body and brain function properly. One of the best ways to create an environment that supports refreshing sleep is to have a clean bedroom. So, here are the top tips to deep clean your bedroom that will promote a night of peaceful and restorative sleep.

Maid Service in Charlotte, NC: Bedroom Cleaning Tips

Dust Everything

Getting rid of dust is crucial to having a healthy bedroom. While you may dust the furniture pieces regularly, you also need to periodically wipe other surfaces, including the walls, ceiling corners, fans, drapes, drapery rods, framed pictures, and even plants. Use a microfiber dust cloth to ensure you catch all the dust. Instead, you can use a vacuum cleaner with relevant attachments.

Tidy and Organize the Bedroom

Reduce stress in your bedroom by keeping it tidy and organized. Keeping everything in its place ensures you can access items you need quickly. In addition, you’ll have less stress when you don’t have to search for things you need. On the other hand, if you have items you don’t use anymore, dispose, sell or donate them.

Strip The Bed

Your bed is the dominating piece of furniture in your bedroom. About one-third of your time is spent in your bed. The bed is where you sleep and recharge. That is why it is crucial to deep clean the bed. Each week you should wash all the bed linens. Periodically you should wash blankets, mattress pads, and vacuum the mattress. This cleaning process removes dust mites and dander, reducing allergy symptoms that interfere with restful sleep. Having a clean and fresh bed allows a deep and peaceful sleep.

The Organic Maids

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