Common Mistakes You’re Making When Cleaning the Home

A clean home is the heart’s abode. To keep your home clean and tidy is tedious and never-ending. Spending hours and even days maintaining a clean, hygienic environment are exhausting.
Now, what if you were told that the practices you’ve been following are not good enough? Hard to believe, right? But the truth is most of us have been following the wrong cleaning practices.
Here we have shared some of the common mistakes that most people make during home cleaning.

Cleaning Your Home

What We Do Wrong

Common Mistakes You’re Making When Cleaning the Home
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The wrong order: While cleaning, the most common approach that we follow is top to down. Like cleaning the top shelves, then moving systematically to the bottom ones, and finally mopping the floors before spraying the room freshener. When you spray the room freshener at the end, it leaves an oily layer on the surface of the floors and shelves. For the best effect, spray room freshener in the middle of the room and halfway through the process before mopping the floor.

Diluting home cleaners: Many people dilute cleaners to save money. However, these commercial home cleaners are made for safe cleaning and killing germs. By diluting the cleaners, you are reducing their effectiveness. For best results, follow directions on the container exactly.

Not cleaning the window screens: Many people think that rain makes their windows streaky. However, this is a misconception. It’s the rain passing through a dirty window screen that deposits dust and debris on a clean window. To keep the windows looking fresh longer, clean the window screens, too. A mild soap solution and soft rag or brush will do the trick and then rinse with the hose.

Aggressive scrubbing of the stains: While removing the stains from the carpet, many people lean towards harsh scrubbing. However, this pushes the stain to the deeper layers and also weakens the fabric of the rug. Instead, use a gentle stain remover and clean the stain carefully using a mild brush and clean cloth.

Inappropriate use of magic erasers: While magic erasers are an excellent remedy to tackle stains, using them repetitively can make shiny surfaces dull. Hence, use the magic erasers only on the products where there is no threat of losing the luster.

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