Cleaning Pet Hair in Your Home

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, Americans house approximately 144 million cats and dogs. Pets are a darling, but cleaning up after them isn’t. As much as the company of pets is enjoyable, getting rid of pet hair is a nuisance. Maintaining a clean house depends on the types of pets you keep and how much they shed. Most breeds of dogs and cats shed hair, so controlling that hair and the effects it has on your clean house is a priority.

Pets May be Small, But They Can Make Some Serious Messes

Cleaning Pet Hair in Your Home

Since pets shed hair constantly, it’s challenging to maintain a clean, hair-free house. The pet hair spreads everywhere in the house from the couch to the bedroom. A home cleaning service may be the answer.

With kids around, extra care needs to be taken. Kids can breathe in the dander (dead skin) that is shed with the hair. Dander can trigger an allergic response or irritate a respiratory condition. Making sure hair and dander are kept to a minimum is crucial to maintaining a healthy environment. Regular Vacuuming helps, but if your pets do a lot of shedding, the best thing to do is hire a professional cleaning service. A cleaning service will get into all the nooks and crannies where hair and dander accumulates.

Keep Your Home Clear of Allergens

Cleaning Pet Hair in Your Home

Air filters also have to be checked frequently. If the pet hair is sucked into the air duct system, it clogs the vents and reduces airflow. Keeping the pet hair circulating in the house to a minimum will allow clean air to be distributed throughout. Good air quality is especially important if there are residents who have respiratory issues.

Cleaning all this might be a struggle for you but not for The Organic Maids. We are the cleaning cavalry that will clean your house and get rid of pet hair. Armed with our HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners and trained maids, we leave no trace of hair in your home. As a professional cleaning service, we make sure all the pet hair is removed from the carpet, curtains, furniture, ventilation, and air conditioning system. You return to a clean, sweet-smelling house without the worries of squeezing cleaning time into your busy schedule or getting rid of pet hair on your couch.

As professional maids, home cleaning it up is our area of expertise. We strive to keep everyone in your home happy and comfortable. We are ready to clean your house today. Call Organic Maids at 704-999-1947 to schedule an appointment.