6 Simple Things You Can Do To Keep Your Home Cleaner All Year-Round

A dirty and cluttered home is a breeding space for viruses, bacteria, insects, dirt, and rodents. These pose a health risk for the entire family making it essential to keep the house clean. There are those people with hectic schedules, making it impossible to clean every day. If that is the case, hiring a professional home cleaning service is the best option. Here are a few simple tips to help keep your house clean all year round.

Simple Everyday Tasks

6 Simple Things You Can Do To Keep Your Home Cleaner All Year-Round
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Start the Day by Making Your Bed

Making the bed sometimes feels like an unnecessary chore. However, making the bed every morning helps keep the sheets dust free. It also makes a significant difference in your sleeping room. Making your bed first thing in the morning helps keep you motivated to handle the rest of your day.

Keep the Floors Clean

Having items everywhere on the floor makes the room appear untidy and cluttered. It is also a safety hazard, especially if you have children or senior members living in the house. Keeping the floors clean helps prevent trip and fall injuries. A clean floor makes it easier to clean spills, dirt, or grime quickly.


Having a lot of clutter creates ample places for germs and critters to hide and breed. Go through all the things you have accumulated regularly and get rid of the items you don’t use. Take one day a month to declutter. Sort what to throw out, recycle, or give away.

Remove Trash Every Night

The trash in your home is an open invitation for germs, foul odors, and critters to reside in your home. Professional home cleaning services encourage you to take out the trash every night. This way, your home smells fresh every morning.

Wash Your Dishes Every Night

Make a point of washing your dirty dishes every night. It saves you time in the morning and keeps rodents and insects from scurrying around the kitchen in the dead of night. If you have a dishwasher, run a full cycle before going to bed and let the dishes dry overnight. It is easier to put clean dishes away in the morning than cleaning stuck food bits from greasy plates. If you clean by hand, allow them to dry overnight and put them away in the morning. Putting the dishes away keeps them free of dust and other things roaming in the air.

Maintain a Daily Cleaning Schedule

Having a daily cleaning schedule is the best idea to have your home healthy and clean all the time. Come up with at least two chores to be carried out every day of the week. For example, you can choose to mop or sweep the kitchen on Mondays, vacuum and clean laundry on Tuesdays and Thursdays, etc.

Hire Professional Cleaners

To have a clean home all year round, a home cleaning service is a fantastic option. Get help from the cleaning professionals at Organic Maids, and your house will always be clean and fresh. Call 704-999-1947 to schedule an appointment.