5 Most Commonly Overlooked Areas Of The Home While Cleaning

Everyone sets aside some time in their schedule to properly clean their home, getting rid of the dirt and dust. When people are cleaning their homes, they do a relatively good job. However, some areas and surfaces are easily overlooked. Nothing is more frustrating than realizing you forgot to clean something and now have to create additional time for that amidst your busy schedule. Let’s take a look at five areas that are most likely to be overlooked while house cleaning Charlotte.

Common Overlooked Areas

These are the five areas you usually overlook but should add to your house cleaning checklist:

The Ceiling Fan

While doing routine cleaning, our focus is on things we can see. We tend to focus more on the couch or the floor and forget to look up. The ceiling fan is one of the dirtiest appliances in many homes. Dust collects on the fan and, when turned on, can recirculate the dust throughout the room. Many companies sell dusters with extension rods that are specifically designed to clean ceiling fans. The ceiling fan should be cleaned once a month.

Beneath Appliances

Electrical appliances are a residential collection area for dust and dirt. Check beneath any large appliance right now. These areas are a dust trap. Most people keep sweeping around them and not under them, and the dust keeps accumulating. So pay attention to this area. Since moving large appliances can be difficult, this job may not be possible to do regularly but do it at least once a year.

Floor Vents

Some houses have duct ventilation systems with vents set in the floor. Pay attention to these vents. They are a pathway for air, so there is no telling how much dust accumulates. Unless you enjoy breathing stale and dusty air – remove the covers and vacuum.


Baseboards are just like any other surface that accumulates dust. What makes it trickier is that baseboards are harder to clean and can accommodate a large amount of dust. So, check the baseboards. Use a duster with an extension rod, so you don’t have to clean these on your hands and knees.


When did you last clean your doormats? Doormats are outside the home and accumulate dirt that then can be tracked into the house. When you take on the duty of home cleaning, you don’t disregard what’s outside. A dirty doormat can allow dirt to be tracked into your house – the opposite of the mat’s purpose. Since doormats are made from a broad range of materials, clean them as recommended by the manufacturer.

The Organic Maids

If done thoroughly and correctly, cleaning will protect the health of the residents. Proper cleaning requires attention to detail, and one should always take time while doing it. If you don’t have time to spare, The Organic Maids will do your house cleaning in Charlotte NC. No area of your home will be overlooked by our team of cleaning experts. Call 704-999-1947 and schedule a cleaning today.