How Can Pet Owners Maintain A Cleaner Home

Pets In The Home

Pets are man’s best friend. But did you know keeping a pet and maintaining a clean home can sometimes be overwhelming? No matter how much you love your pet, a time comes when you feel like giving up. The only thing that keeps you going is your love for the pet.

You have a pet and are now wondering, how do I maintain a cleaner home? Do you desire disinfections services after an accident? Let’s help you out. Here are some tips on cleaning after your pet, the equipment needed, and the process behind the cleaning.

Dirty Carpet?

If there is any solid matter on the carpet or your couch, lift and remove it. If it is urine, leave the stain alone. Rubbing the stain increases its radius, making it harder to remove. For easier cleaning, purchase pet stain removers. If you don’t have any pet stain remover on hand, you can make your own using one-part hydrogen peroxide and one-part Dawn dish soap. The best way to handle stubborn pet stains or widespread staining is to call a professional cleaning service provider.

How Do I Clean Pet Urine From My Carpet?

A speedy clean up will reduce the staining and the smell of pet urine. You don’t want the urine to soak into the carpet padding, making it much more difficult to extract, so don’t delay.

Mark the spot if you can see it or use a UV light to identify the hidden stains. Remember, the urine spreads when it hits the floor underneath the carpet, so the size of the stain you see might be half the one beneath.

Start by vacuuming the spot gently and remove all solid dirt. Soak the stain with a solution of two cups of water, one Tbsp. White vinegar, and one Tbsp. Dawn dish soap. Wet the stain in the solution and let it sit for 10 minutes – enough time for the vinegar to diminish the alkaline urine salts.

With a dry cloth or white paper towels, blot as much of the solution as possible. Repeat if the stain is still visible. If you have odor enzymes, use them to disinfect the carpet.

Contact The Organic Maids

To maintain a clean home with pets, contact The Organic Maids. Our team of cleaning specialists will tackle cleaning problems you may have and remove the stubborn stains for you. They also offer disinfection services to keep your home safe for you and your pet. Call 704-999-1947 to set up an appointment today.