Hire Maids to Help Stop the Spread of the Virus in Your Home

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a major cause of concern around the globe. People are scrambling to protect themselves and their families from potential contamination. Following the preventative measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), thorough spring cleaning appears to have come early this year.

Although little is known of the new virus, current data suggest that transmission occurs from exposure to respiratory droplets or touching infected surfaces. With this in mind, experts recommend taking extra steps to deep clean and disinfect homes and offices with the hope of preventing illnesses and mitigating the spread of the virus.

Combat the Virus with Deep Cleaning

The risk of the virus cannot be understated – hence the need for sanitation expertise is more important than ever. As the number of confirmed infections continues to skyrocket, so is the demand for deep-cleaning services.

Unlike casual hygienic measures, deep cleaning dives deeper into the overlooked nooks and crannies that house virus-carrying particulate, dirt, and dust. But cleaning is only one side of the coin. The CDC recommends the use of EPA-approved cleaning liquids such as diluted bleach with an alcohol content of at least 70%. These solutions serve to disinfect the surfaces and effectively eradicate infection-causing viruses.

The Role of Maids in “Flattening the Curve”

Maids and other cleaning professionals are on the frontlines of combating the virus and stalling community transmission – i.e., flattening the curve to prevent overwhelming medical services.

As trained professionals, employees at The Organic Maids are equipped with the right resources to perform deep cleaning and disinfect spaces in line with the industry’s best practices and medical recommendations. Here are some of the measures employed to stop the spread of the virus.

As a company founded on environmentally healthy cleaning, all disinfectants are approved by the EPA and proven to be effective against the virus.

  • All cleaning products and vehicles are thoroughly disinfected before and after each use.
    Special attention is paid to high-touch surfaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, remotes, telephones, doorknobs, and switches.
  • To prevent pathogen-crossover from one client to another, scrubbing tools are to be either replaced or thoroughly disinfected.
  • Hand sanitizers and personal protective equipment (PPE) are available to all employees for regular use.

Don’t take chances when it comes to COVID-19 – lives are on the line. Hire maids to help stop the spread of the virus by deep cleaning your home. Experts at The Organic Maids work diligently to eradicate pathogens, bacterial, and viruses in your home and offices. Contact us today at (704) 999-1947 for more details.