3 Tips to Organize Seasonal Decorations

Seasonal decorations should be cleaned and stored after use. Properly storing your decorations will keep you from having to buy replacements next season due to damage. Before you store these seasonal decorations, you have to organize them first. You want to avoid throwing them in the storage compartment willy-nilly. That just makes for more work next year.

Tips on Organizing and Storing Seasonal Decorations

If you use some things annually or for a short period, packing them away for the rest of the year, where they won’t take up a lot of space, is best. Here, they won’t take up space that you can use for other frequently used things. However, it depends on your room, but bins or boxes in a storage area like the garage or attic are ideal options. Store all your seasonal items in one place so you can quickly locate them.


Choose a space for storing seasonal items that is easy to get to when you need these things. If you keep them in a place where it is difficult to get them out every year, it becomes a chore rather than something fun.

Group by Holiday/Season

Group the items by occasion or season so you can easily find what you need when you want it. Of course, this depends on how many things you have for every season and their sizes. You can store items in a separate box, drawer, or bin every season or occasion. You may also group things in smaller boxes within large containers. Make sure every container or storage box is labeled to make them easy to locate.

Dispose of Unused Items

Purge after every occasion or season. Your storage space gets cluttered if you have too many items for one season. If you didn’t use a piece this year, what are the chances you will use it the next year? Maybe you received or bought new things, so purge the older ones. The aim here is to prevent clutter. Use the motto “one item in, one item out.”

The Organic Maids

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