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maid dusting a bedside tableWe do more than just home cleaning, we clean a maintain a variety of places from residences to offices and vacation homes or rentals. We know you’ve got a busy life and sometimes you either just can’t or don’t have the time to really clean your place as well as you want to. And that’s okay, a lot of people choose to have their homes professionally cleaned just because they can. We jump at the opportunity to show new customers what we really do and how well we do it. Don’t make the mistake of working with an amateur home cleaner, if you want solid long-lasting results you need the professionals like ourselvse.

Belmont NC Maid Services

We offer some of the most comprehensive home cleaning services in Belmont NC, we strive to impress every single client every single time we do a job. We use organic room fresheners and essential oils to leave your home with a wonderful floral fragrance after every cleaning, so not only do you walk into a clean home, you walk into an invitingly pleasant and clean home. A lot of us are used to the chemical bleach smell after a good clean, but those cleaners are harsh and can be unsafe to children or pets. That’s why we go organic, our cleaners are completely safe to use in any home and smell great! Let’s go through even more of the reasons that you should choose The Organic Maids as your home cleaners.

  • We go through each job using an 83-point checklist to ensure perfection, this helps us ensure quality.
  • In the maid and cleaning business, we have the best employee retention and offer the most consistency in cleaning staff. We only hire the absolute best when it comes to our maids, we will never settle.
  • We treat everything from pets to belongings as if they’re our own.
  • We carry full liability and workers’ compensation insurance and are fully bonded and licensed.
  • We work around your schedule to clean when it works best for you, if you want us out of the way we can come clean when you’re not home.

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Move-Out Home Cleaning Services

Organic Maids Residential Services Move In move OutOur move-out cleaning services are perfect for anyone moving out of their home who doesn’t want to have to go over every single inch of your home and clean every single part of it. A lot of our business comes from doing initial deep cleanings for homes, getting it spotless for photographs and open house visits. Our ultimate cleaning services are truly something special, you may not even recognize your own home it’ll be so clean. Nobody is going to waste time looking at a dirty home, give people something that’ll make them say “wow”!

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Move-In Home Cleaning Services

Even if the place you’re moving into seems clean, a lot of people like to have their own cleaning done on top of that just to be sure, for the safety of themselves and their family. We fully support this, after our cleaning we can let you know if we had any trouble spots and what you need to watch out for most with your home. No matter what you’re moving into, we can get it clean for you. We also offer our ultimate cleaning services, which guarantee you a clean that’ll make your home feel like new. Once we’ve done a deep cleaning, we recommend having us come out at least every month or so just to maintain that same level of cleanliness for you.

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Organic Home Cleaning from the Premier Home Cleaning Service in the Area.

Commercial Cleaning Services

maid mopping up an office with a wet floor sign outWe are proud of our reputation as Belmont’s premier office cleaners. We’ve earned this title throughout intense hiring practices, only working with the best maids and cleaners we can find, and ensuring they all pass background checks and speak fluent English at the very least. We also have relentless attention to detail, we go through all jobs with an 87-point checklist just to ensure we have done the job as well as possible. We work hard to get your office cleaner than you have ever seen it before!

  • We work on flexible schedules.
  • We can clean either during the day while you are there or at night or on weekends when the office is empty.
  • We understand the impact that noise can make in an office environment and are conscious of that.
  • Again, we hire only those employees that have gone through a nationwide criminal background check, passed multiple drug tests, and are eligible to legally work in the U.S.
  • We carry full liability and worker’s compensations insurance, if something does go wrong you should have nothing to worry about.

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Vacation Home Cleaning & AirBnB Rental Cleaning Services

Vacuuming a carpet floor in a Belmont, NC homeIf you manage or own vacation rentals, you know that often the most difficult part of it is changing between tenants and getting things all cleaned up and prepared for the next – sometimes you only have a few hours to do it. We manage move-out cleaning for a number of vacation rentals, our professional and highly trained employees can handle the scheduling, cleaning, and so much for you and your rental property! Once we’re done in your unit, it’ll be spotlessly clean and smell amazing for your next tenant. We’re very flexible here and more than willing to work with you.

  • Damage or excessively dirty homes photographed and reported to the owner as/if needed.
  • Air filters checked and replaced if needed.
  • Maintenance services coordinated with staff if repairs were needed.
  • The functionality of TV and WiFi checked, can do limited troubleshooting if issues are found.
  • Supplies checked and restocked.

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Belmont Disinfection Services

disinfecting office and home 1In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Organic Maids have taken the initiative to be trained and accredited in the disinfection of homes and offices. When discussing disinfection, it is very important to understand that there is a clear difference between sanitization and disinfection, all too many people throw the terms around thinking they are the same when they actually aren’t. Sanitization is what we do every time we clean as a standard (Pristine Cleaning, the Ultimate Cleaning Experience etc.). Sanitization is important for general hygiene and just keeping a space from getting generally dirty past a point that you aren’t able to maintain it. Disinfection means total elimination of everything, germs, viruses, mold, whatever it may be.

You may be wondering why the disinfectant can’t just be used during the regular cleaning process. The short answer is that it can but it won’t truly disinfect. By applying the disinfectant onto a dirty surface, the disinfectant is being absorbed by the dirt and surface debris, not actually killing germs other things on the surfaces below. Furthermore, contrary to what advertisers would let you believe, disinfectants do not kill those 99.9% of germs directly on contact. They need to sit there for some time to effectively kill germs and viruses.

Learn more about disinfection services here.

Regardless of your exact cleaning needs, we’re here as your full-service organic cleaners. Please contact us and let us know what we can clean for you! We’re proud of the fact that we have organic in our name, we take safe cleaning products very seriously and cut no corners. From the smallest homes to massive office complexes, every corner and hard to reach spot gets our utmost attention. Do you live in the Charlotte area? Check out cleaning services Charlotte NC! Check out our Huntersville NC page if that’s closer to you!

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