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The Organic Maids clean and maintain many spaces, from offices to homes and even rental homes for vacations. We know that you have hectic schedules, and at times you just don’t have the time or don’t have time to take care of your house as well as you’d like. It’s fine. Many homeowners choose to clean their homes by professionals simply because they can. We’re always excited to show prospective customers exactly what we do and how effectively we accomplish it. There’s a clear distinction between professional and non-professional cleaning, which you typically can tell at an eye. The majority of it boils in the form of attention to detail. That’s the reason we are different. We know it’s difficult to trust anyone, particularly a new maid service, to be able to access your house and take care of it in the way you’d like and would expect. We perform every cleaning task with the hope that our customers will be satisfied.

Indian Trail NC Maids

We provide some of the most thorough home cleaning services available in Indian Trail NC, we endeavor to impress each customer every time we perform a job. We make use of organic fresheners for rooms along with essential oils. We leave your house with a lovely floral scent after each cleaning. So, you don’t just get a spotless home, but you also walk into an inviting, pleasant, and tidy home. Many of us are familiar with the smell of bleach after a cleaning, but these products are harsh and dangerous to pets or children. This is why we use organic Our cleaners are safe to be used in all homes, and they smell amazing! Let’s look at why you should consider using Organic Maids as your home cleaners.

  • We review each project with an 83-point checklist in order to ensure that everything is perfect. This will ensure that we are delivering the best quality.
  • In the cleaning and maid business, we offer the highest employee retention rate and have the best uniformity in our cleaning staff. We only employ only the finest when it comes down to our cleaners. We are not satisfied.
  • We treat everything from pets to possessions like ours.
  • We have full liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance. We are fully licensed and bonded.
  • We can work around your schedule to clean at times that work most for you. If you’d prefer us to be removed from your life, we’ll clean up when you’re not at home.

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Indian Trail Move-Out Cleaning Services

Our move-out cleaning services are ideal for those who are moving out and don’t want to clean every square inch of their house. Much of our work comes from the initial deep cleaning of houses and making the house clean for photos and open home visits. Our ultimate clean-up services are truly exceptional. You may not be able to recognize your home as it will be so tidy. We’re not just able to achieve this; however, we also keep the clean house property while it’s being put being advertised, which means it’s appealing to the most renters or buyers as it is possible! No one wants to waste time looking over a messy property, so offer them something that will make them think, “wow”!

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Move-In Cleaning Services Indian Trail

Even if the home you’re considering moving into appears well-maintained, many people prefer their own house cleaning performed on top of that to make sure for the security of their family and friends. We’re all for it, and after we’ve cleaned, we’ll inform you whether we found any problems and the things you should be looking out for when you live in your house. No matter what home you’re changing your home to We can make it spotless for you. We also provide the ultimate cleaning service that will guarantee you a tidy that makes your home look brand new. After we’ve completed a thorough cleaning, we recommend that we visit at least once a month or so to ensure the same standard of cleanliness for your home.

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Organic Home Cleaning from the Premier Home Cleaning Service in the Area.

Organic Home Cleaning from the Premier Home Cleaning Service in the Area.

Commerical Cleaning Services Indian Trail NC

Home Cleaning Services in Indian Trail NC

We’re extremely proud of being Indian Trail’s premier office cleaners. We’ve earned this distinction through strict hiring procedures, hiring the top cleaners and maids we can find, and making sure they pass background tests and can speak fluent English at a minimum. We also pay a constant focus on detail. We complete all tasks using an 87-point checklist to ensure we’ve completed the job the best way possible. We will ensure you have a clean office than you’ve ever had before! Making an impact from the beginning is very important to us. However, we are aware that, as a business, it’s crucial that you complete your tasks without a hitch. Here are a few ways we collaborate with you to achieve that.

  • We offer flexible hours.
  • We can clean during the day, while you’re at work, in the evening or at weekends when office space is not in use.
  • We know the effects that noise can have in offices and are mindful of it.
  • We also hire only employees who have been through a national background check for criminals, have passed numerous drug tests, and are able to legally be employed legally in the U.S.
  • We have fully insured liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. If something goes wrong, there is nothing to worry about.

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Indian Trail Vacation Home Cleaning & AirBnB Rental Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services in Indian Trail NC

Suppose you own or manage vacation rental properties. In that case, you are aware that sometimes the most difficult part is switching between tenants and having things clean and ready for the next tenant – often, you have only a couple of hours to accomplish it. We handle the cleaning of move-outs for many vacation rentals. Our professional and highly-trained staff can manage all the planning, cleanup, and more to benefit you as well as your property! When we’re finished in your apartment, it’ll be sparkling clean and smell fantastic for the next tenant. The service is as extensive as you want it to be, and we can provide additional benefits that come with cleaning for your vacation rental in the event that you require these, which include the following, but not all of them below. If you’re looking for something specific, you can contact us, and we’ll come up with a solution.

  • Dirty or damaged homes are documented and reported to the owner if necessary.
  • Air filters should be checked and replaced if necessary.
  • Maintenance services are coordinated with the staff in case repairs are required.
  • WiFi and TV functionality tested allows for limited troubleshooting when issues are discovered.
  • Checking and replenishing supplies.

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Indian Trail Disinfection Services

Home Cleaning Services in Indian Trail NC

As a response to the COVID-19 epidemic, The Organic Maids has been accredited and trained to clean offices and homes. When discussing disinfection, it is essential to recognize the clear distinction between disinfection and sanitization; however, people can employ the terms interchangeably. Sanitization happens each time we visit your house and carry out one of our regular cleaning services (Pristine Cleaning or the Ultimate Cleaning Experience and so on.). Sanitization is essential to maintain hygiene as well as making sure that a room doesn’t get typically dirty. We’re not just talking about cleaning but top-to-bottom disinfection.

You might be asking why the disinfectant cannot be used as part of the normal cleanup procedure. The short answer is that it could, but it’s not really disinfecting. In applying the disinfectant on an unclean surface, the disinfectant will be taken up by dirt and debris on the surface but not kill germs or other contaminants on surfaces beneath. In addition, contrary to what the advertising industry would like people to believe, a disinfectant can not kill 99.9 percent of germs when they come into contact. They have to stay at the top of the surface for the specified amount of time that is prescribed by the manufacturer in order to cleanse and deliver the results we know you’re expecting.

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Regardless of your exact cleaning needs, we’re here as your full service organic cleaners. Please contact us and let us know what we can clean for you! We’re proud of the fact that we have organic in our name, we take safe cleaning products very seriously and cut no corners. From the smallest homes to massive office complexes, every corner and hard to reach spot gets our utmost attention. Do you live in the Gastonia area? Check out cleaning services Gastonia NC! Check out our Indian Hills NC page if that’s closer to you!

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