Tips for Cleaning Your Office During COVID-19

In these times of hand sanitizer and face masks, many people are more concerned than ever about keeping their spaces clean and sanitized. It is the primary goal of any office cleaning company to ensure your office stays free of germs and viruses that can cause diseases like COVID-19. Offices are starting to fill the desks back up with people again, making sanitary practices even more vital.

Cleaning vs. Sanitizing

Two concepts many people get confused about are cleaning vs. sanitizing. For clarification, cleaning is the process that removes visible dirt, dust, trash, and grime from the area. Sanitization is the process of using chemicals, heat, or light to destroy disease-causing viruses and germs. Both are essential for effective office cleaning.

Clean Surfaces

A commercial cleaning service or the office workers should clear away all visible trash, garbage, and items sitting on flat surfaces. Use a glass cleaner to shine up any glass surfaces in the area, like glass tabletops or windows. Use paper towels and an all-purpose cleaner to clean surfaces and remove any visible dust and dirt. Be sure to use gloves as you do this.


Again, be sure to wear gloves. Many high-touch areas in your office are at a higher risk of accumulating viruses and germs, including those responsible for COVID-19. Evaluate your office and identify the areas where to apply a disinfectant. Always follow the instructions on the label. High-touch surfaces include keyboards, phones, desks, tables, the backs of chairs, handles, and doorknobs. You may not even think of how often you touch these daily. Also, keep bottles of hand sanitizer at easily-accessible areas such as desks so people can regularly disinfect their hands.

For screens, such as touchscreen phones, computer monitors, and other electronics, use a cleaner specifically for these surfaces. An alcohol pad is usually the best form of cleaning, as it dries quickly and doesn’t leave a residue.

Always keep safety in mind when working with cleaning chemicals. Always follow manufacturer instructions and let the disinfectant stay in contact with the surface for the amount of time it says on the label. Misusing a chemical product can be as bad as or worse than not using it at all. Mixing certain chemicals can also create dangerous chemical reactions and create a breathing hazard.

Make it a Routine

Regular cleaning and disinfecting stays ahead of germs and bacteria that make their way into your office. Try making a spreadsheet that includes each area to be cleaned, product to clean it with, and track the dates and times. You can assign individual staff members to specific tasks to make it a team effort.

Contact The Organic Maids

Though these times can be daunting, it is essential to know how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses. By cleaning and sanitizing your office space, you help keep your coworkers and the community safe. The Organic Maids have the crew and knowledge to do your office cleaning for healthy and safe environment. If you need a regular office cleaning for a large space you need to check out our sister company, Commercial Cleaners of Charlotte. Their commercial cleaning services are just top notch you won’t find anyone better anywhere in the area. Learn more about their commercial cleaning services here.