What You Need To Ask Before Hiring A Maid Service

Life can get busy. One of the first aspects of everyday life that people start to neglect is cleaning their homes. As a result, dishes stack up, dust settles, windows are ignored, and laundry piles. Rather than let the housework slide, it might be time to consider hiring a maid cleaning service. Some might think maids are a rich person’s purview, but such maid service in Charlotte is affordable and reliable. That said, it’s essential to know a few things when hiring a cleaning service.

Maid Service Charlotte: The Search

History and Reviews

An excellent place to start with a cleaning service search is to look over the company’s history. How long have they been in business? What is their Better Business Bureau rating? Are they insured? Then read reviews. Begin with reviews on the company website and then check out third-party websites such as Yelp or Angie’s List.


Contact the company and ask questions to ensure they are a good fit for you. Do the cleaning teams use a checklist? Which services are included in a general cleaning? Do they do deep cleaning? Laundry? Dishes? How do they schedule jobs? How flexible are they if your schedule changes? Do you have to be home when the cleaners are there? Include questions about areas of the house or items you want to be handled in a particular way. How do they respond to your questions? Are they easy to deal with or difficult?


Ask how the company charges for its services. Do they charge per visit? Per hour? Per maid sent? The rates and methods can vary from service to service, so checking is a good idea. Be clear about what you expect from the service, so there is no miscommunication. Do they present an itemized invoice with all services listed?

Cleaning Products

Along with what they will clean, also make sure to check what supplies they use. Some chemicals and fragrances can be irritating for some people. Also, do you have pets? Do they have any sensitivities? Do the cleaners offer all-natural or botanical product options?

Evaluation Survey

Quality assurance is also worth a look. Does the company offer post-service surveys or testimonials? Offering a place for customers to share their experience with the company shows that they are interested in customer satisfaction.

The Organic Maids

House Cleaning can take a lot of time. When your schedule is already full, it’s worth hiring a cleaning service to keep your home looking great, but make sure to select the best maid service Charlotte – The Organic Maids. The right cleaning service can make a big difference. Contact us today at 704-999-1947 and see what we can do for you.