How to Keep a Dog Bed Fresh & Clean

Dogs are great pets, and we love them. However, taking care of dogs is not an easy task. They roll in anything outdoors, shed fur, and body sweat makes them stinky. These foul odors make their home in the dog’s bed, and over time, the smell gets worse. When home cleaning, the first task should be cleaning is the dog’s bed to get rid of the doggy smell that waifs through the house. When the dog sleeps on the dirty dog bed, it can spread the nasty smell.

To keep a dog’s bed clean and fresh, start with prevention. Take precautions to make sure the dog sleeping in the bed doesn’t stink. Start with bathing your dog. Use dog shampoo and soaps with no harsh chemicals. Do not use dish soap or people shampoo on the dog. These can cause skin irritations and stomach upsets when the dog licks its fur.

Keeping the Dog Bed Clean

How to Keep a Dog Bed Fresh & Clean
Dirty dog basket with many hair and dirt empty, needs cleaning. closeup

When house cleaning, vacuum the dog bed before washing it to remove dust, dirt, food bits, fur, and other debris. If your dog sheds a lot, use a brush attachment. Vacuuming makes the machine washing more effective and also removes unhatched eggs from fleas and insects.

Pre-Treat Stains

Feces, dirt, and urine sometimes create stains. Use an enzyme powered pet stain remover to break the stains down and dissolve them to make things easier for the washing machine. Follow the instructions on the remover and give it ample time to work before you start washing. Never use a stain cleaner that contains harsh chemicals or bleach.

Use High Heat

For the machine-washable dog beds that fit in the washer, set the water on the highest temperature. If the dog bed is especially stinky or dirty, run it through two wash cycles at the same temperature. If the dog bed is not machine washable, you can wash it by hand using the hottest water. You can also take it to a laundromat or commercial laundry (call ahead to see if they accept dog beds).

Rinse and Dry the Dog Bed

Use warm water to rinse the dog bed and squeeze out as much water as you can. If you are using a washing machine, run it twice through the rinse cycle. Put the dog’s bed in the dryer if it can fit and dry it on medium heat. If it’s too big for the dryer, allow it to dry outdoors on a hot day.

Call Organic Maids for Help

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