Managing Allergies in Charlotte NC

Maid Service to Help Manage Your Allergies

I recently came across a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on allergies. This report indicated that over 17 million adults were diagnosed with hay fever in 2012 alone. Moreover, this report also indicated that 10% of the population had reported some sort of respiratory affliction due to allergies. I am not only the owner of The Organic Maids, but I am also one of those statistics. As a resident of Charlotte and an allergy sufferer, I can attest without question that allergies can be not only annoying but also debilitating.

One of the goals of The Organic Maids is to help clients who suffer from allergies live and breathe a little easier in their homes. We have helped dozens of clients clean their homes in such a comprehensive manner that they have reported a significant reduction in asthma and allergies. Based on our experiences, we have observed and compiled a set of tips that might help you reduce your allergies in your home.

1) Removal of dust. Obviously, dust is a major source of allergies in any home. This removal of dust not only means vacuuming your carpet frequently, up to two times a week, and not only dusting your furniture, but also dusting hard-to-reach things such as your ceiling fans, blinds, and light fixtures. Equally important is to vacuum at least once every couple of months the tops of cabinets in your kitchen if those cabinets are not flush with the ceiling. This is very important because a lot of dust accumulates up there and then gets blown around when the HVAC system is on.

2) Vacuuming. As indicated before, the home should be vacuumed one or two times a week during allergy season. This does not just include areas that are easily accessible, but also under the sofas and under the beds, as well as nooks and crannies behind plants and other floor items. We recommend using a vacuum cleaner that has HEPA filtering already installed. If you have a central vacuum system, this may actually work better, as the exhaust air is blown outside of your home.

3) Clean your bathrooms frequently. One source of allergy is mold and mildew. Especially in Charlotte, where the humidity can be quite high, mold can develop quite easily inside the shower. In order to reduce the amount of mold, the showers do need to be cleaned at least once a week. We recommend that the showers be wiped down with a squeegee after each use. Furthermore, it may be beneficial for you to keep the exhaust fan on for several minutes after the shower.

4) Because dust mites can also form in beds, we recommend the changing of your sheets and washing in hot water one to two times a week during allergy season.

5) Declutter. We have seen houses that have a significant amount of clutter accumulate a tremendous amount of dust, making it difficult to clean. Furthermore, clutter can lead to the presence of cockroaches, which is a further source of allergies for many sufferers.

Should you need help cleaning your home, please do not hesitate to call us at The Organic Maids. Not only will we thoroughly clean your home, but we will use cleaning products that are organically-based and less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Charlotte Maids are the best in the area when it comes to getting your home clean and suppressing any allergens you may be struggling with.