30 Day Challenge to a Less Cluttered Home

A cluttered home can be frustrating if it interferes with your daily tasks. For instance, you may not be able to find things quickly when you need them. This is why it is essential to clean your place regularly. If you are behind in regular cleaning, you can use this challenge to achieve a less cluttered home. You can also use a maid service in Charlotte, NC, that offers deep cleaning services.

Tips from a Maid Service in Charlotte: Cleaning Challenge

Day 1 to 10 – Clean the Main Bedroom and Kitchen

The top feature of the 30-day challenge is to throw away one item on day one, two things on day two, and increase that number as the days advance. Then, try sorting out your accumulated mail on the first day and organizing junk drawers on the second day.

Meanwhile, spend days 3-7 getting rid of clutter in your kitchen. Start with removing expired foods from the fridge and cabinets—end with cleaning the countertops on day 7. Then, on days 7-10, remove unwanted things from the main bedroom and bathroom.

Day 11 to 20 – Clean Other Rooms and Some Essential Items

Start day 11 by removing clutter from small places. For example, clear your entryway and clean out your purse on days 11-12. On day 13, declutter your phone by removing unwanted apps and pictures to free up space. Days 14-18 – clean clutter from other rooms and bathrooms. If you have kids, you should remove unwanted toys from their rooms on day 18. Then clean the guest room on day 19. Finally, sort out bookshelves on day 20.

Day 21 to 30 – Clean Large Things and Donate Items

This is the last phase of the challenge and includes cleaning different spaces and items. For example, start day 21 by removing clutter from your cars, such as old coffee cups, charging wires, etc. The following day you should remove old unwanted devices from your home. On day 23, get rid of one large piece of furniture or appliance from your home to clear up space. Meanwhile, spend days 24-25 cleaning another junk drawer and your computer’s inbox. Then, clean your office space or desk on day 26 and laundry room on day 27. On day 28, target any untouched spots of your home to remove dust.

Spend day 29 sorting out things you have collected for removal. This may be a TV, furniture, or other items. You can sell large pieces by putting up online listings. Finally, you can donate other things such as clothes and small unwanted devices on day 30.

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