A La Maid Cleaning SPECIAL: $80! Call for details.
A La Maid Cleaning SPECIAL: $80! Call for details.
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Most new clients ask whether we are a licensed and bonded Charlotte cleaning company. The short answer is yes. However, we believe that this is the wrong question to be asking.   Many trade practices such as electricians need to go through formal training and need to pass tests in order to be licensed.  However, there is no such requirement (other than paying a small fee annually) to be licensed in residential cleaning.     Being bonded means that small value items in your home are protected from damage or theft.    Therefore most cleaning companies are happy to say that they are licensed and bonded because it really does not amount to much when it comes to your experience and safety of your home when hiring a cleaning service.    Many companies may even say they are insured without going into specifics as to how such insurance protect YOU or your possessions.

At MaidPure Charlotte, we take a conservative (some may even say paranooid!)  approach to insurance.   Here is how we protect you, your family, your home and our cleaners while cleaning your home or office:

  1. General  Liability Insurance – We carry a $2 Million insurance  policy that covers your entire home or office and its contents, so that if any damage were to happen to your home, you are completely covered.   At any time, we would be happy to provide you with a certificate of insurance.
  2. Worker’s Compensation– With the cleaning of thousands of homes and offices per year there is a risk that a cleaner may get injured on the job.  Fortunately, to date we have only had very minor injuries.  However, we carry a very comprehensive Worker’s Compensation Insurance. This protects you from any liability and enables us to provide them with the medical care necessary to recover from any injuries.
  3. Fidelity Bond insurance – As stated before, this provides insurance against theft of any property. Thankfully we have not had to use the bond insurance, in part due to our rigorous hiring process.
  4. Auto Insurance – we also carry insurance for the cleaners while driving to and from your home.


When comparing home cleaning companies (or office cleaning companies), do not hesitate to ask in great detail how your home and possessions are protected.  At MaidPure we take great care of your home and possessions.  If an accident were to occur then you are fully covered no questions asked.   We believe we are amongst the most well prepared cleaning company in Charlotte, NC.

Please see our section on Employee Hiring and Training to get a sense of how we screen and train employees to provide you with the best experience.