As people age, they want to stay at home rather than move to assisted living communities. The comfort of staying at home is understandable, but it becomes a worry for their children, especially about the safety of their parents. Having an uncluttered and clean house is one step towards having a safer home. So here are some of the benefits of having a clean home for the elderly.

Maid Service Tips: Seniors and a Clean Home

Reduced Risk of Visiting the ER

Mobility on different levels becomes an issue for many seniors. According to the CDC, 36 million people aged 65 and over fall in their homes each year, resulting in more than 32,000 deaths. Reducing the risk of slip and falls begins with removing throw rugs, clutter, and furniture from walkways. Maintaining a clean home reduces the risk of costly and scary visits to the ER. In addition, a clean home reduces the likelihood of accidental falls. Finally, hiring a house cleaning service can keep seniors from taking on risky and challenging tasks trying to clean the house themselves.

Improved Air Quality

Maintaining a clean home improves indoor air quality by decreasing dust and other particles in the air. Aging lungs are weaker and more susceptible to respiratory diseases. Healthy indoor air quality is vital to keeping seniors healthy.

Reduced Risk of Viral and Bacterial Infections

A clean home is essential in reducing sicknesses caused by viruses and bacteria. When the home’s surfaces are clean, seniors with weakened immune systems aren’t exposed to as many viruses and bacteria, reducing their risk of becoming sick.

Cleaning Services for Seniors

One of the best ways to help a senior citizen is hiring a cleaning service for their home. It is healthier for seniors to live in a clean environment free from dust, viruses, and bacteria. This way, they can stay in their home where they feel safer and more comfortable for as long as possible.

The Organic Maids

Do you have a senior that needs help keeping their house clean? The Organic Maids offers maid services for seniors. Our team aims to make sure the elderly residents don’t stress their bodies by cleaning, and they will live in a spotless and healthy environment. Our cleaning experts can create a cleaning schedule that works for all. So, contact us at 704-999-1947 and schedule a cleaning today.